Looking for refs to the sleep disorder: Apnea 
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 Looking for refs to the sleep disorder: Apnea

I'm looking for references to a sleep disorder known as Apena


pete lancashire

Sun, 28 May 1995 03:54:47 GMT
 Looking for refs to the sleep disorder: Apnea


>I'm looking for references to a sleep disorder known as Apena
>pete lancashire

Phantom of the Night: Overcome sleep apnea syndrome and snoring -- win your
hidden struggle to breathe, sleep, and live. T. Scott Johnson, M.D. and
Jerry Halberstadt, foreword by William Dement, M.D., Chairman of the
National Commission on sleep disorders research. About 184 pages,
illustrated, scheduled publication date, Feb 1993, paper, 8.54 x 11", S&H
ISBN 1-882431-00-6. Written by a sleep specialist and a patient, covers
everything from diagnosis through long-term recovery with a stress on the
personal, social, and emotional as well as the medical/physical issues.
Major focus is on use of CPAP therapy but also covers alternatives.
Intended as a handbook and guide for patients but with much useful
information for professionals. Not available in bookstores yet but if you
send your address, Pete, I will forward a flyer to you by smail.

This book includes a bibliography, selected for relevance to the patient
and layperson; however nearly all the literature in the field is directed
to doctors and other health professionals. A few relevant books:

Lipman, Derek, Stop your husband from snoring; Emmaus, Penn: Rodale Press,
1990 deals with apnea and snoring from the perspective of what an ENT
doctor can do, including surgery.

Ferber, Richard, Sove Your Child's Sleep Problems, NY, Simon and Schuster,
1985 (and paper). A chapter relevant to children and adolescents with

Hauri, Peter & Shirley Linde, No More Sleepless NIghts, NY: John Wiley &
Sons 1990; deals with various insomnias and how to figure out which one you
have; a   few pages on apnea.

Mosley, James, Snore No More, Cleveland, International Scene Publication &
Distribution, 1990; a personal view of the problema nd treatments.

Hope this helps.


Jerry Halberstadt       New Technology Publishing, Inc.
POB 9183: c/o Mailboxes Etc.(#110)
955 Mass. Ave., Cambridge MA 02139 USA

Sun, 28 May 1995 06:24:48 GMT
 Looking for refs to the sleep disorder: Apnea
Is this for {*filter*}s or children? If the latter, I may be able to help. Let me

Renee Roberts

Tue, 06 Jun 1995 23:23:47 GMT
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