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 Does Minoxidil work


>There is a product by Nu Skin called Nutriol.  It is sold in Europe
>under the name Foltene.  In Europe it is sold as a hair regrowth
>product.  The FDA has approved it as a Hair Fitness Preparation.

Somehow I doubt this.  I have never heard of a "Hair Fitness Preparation"
or the FDA approving any such.  I think a few more details are called
for, like what's in this miracle substance, and what, if anything did
the FDA really say?

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Tue, 04 May 1993 10:11:48 GMT
 Does Minoxidil work

Re: Foltene

I used Foltene.  It was rather expensive and I didn't see much difference
after having used it for several months.  My hair was shinier and more
manageable (to borrow from Madison Avenue), but certainly there was no
new growth (I was not expecting there to be any) nor was their any
increase in thickness of my hair, i.e., providing a way of camouflaging
that I have fewer hairs by making the remaining hairs larger.

I suspect that variations of the phrases "used in Europe for years" and
"new product from Europe" play on many Americans subtle biases
against American products and their default reaction, "Gee, Europe is so
much older and more sophisticated than the U.S.; therefore, they know
more about such things."  This is, of course, nonesense.

Why did I buy it?  Hope, if not hair, springs eternal.

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