water bath heaters for Raynoid's Syndrome water baths 
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 water bath heaters for Raynoid's Syndrome water baths

The military has found that a person with Raynoid's Syndrome can deal with the
problem by dipping his hands in 40 deg C [102 F] water for a half hour a day
for a month.

Easier said than done.

Does anyone know a source of safe submursible electric water heaters that will
go that high?  I've called aquarium supply companies and photo darkroom supply
companies, and drawn a blank.

Please send me mail rather than posting.  I will summarize.


Sun, 27 Apr 1997 05:41:44 GMT
 water bath heaters for Raynoid's Syndrome water baths

>The military has found that a person with Raynoid's Syndrome can deal with the
>problem by dipping his hands in 40 deg C [102 F] water for a half hour a day
>for a month.

And again.......

----------------------------------------------------------------The US Military worked out a treatmentt regime for this. (Wouldnt want the
grunts to be unable to shoot folk or anything.....).

Start in a nice warm place with nice warm hands. Fill a bucket with water at
44C (and keep a kettle on hand to keep the temperature up). Dont worrry too
much about the measurement - 44 is about the hottest you can keep your hands

Go to a cold place (at least 10C colder than the warm place) and sit for 1/2hr
with your hands/feet in the water.

Go back into the warm place, dry hands thoroughly and keep em warm.

Do this every day for a month.

This is to train your nervous system that it is OK to leave the peripheral
circulation open when it's cold.

Results? After frostbite years ago, I have had bad problems with circulation.
I have been doing this for a week, and my hands have only gone blue once. I
have also spent a day outside in 40F with no circulation cutoff when normally
my hands go blue below 60F - and this after 2 days of treatment!

Some people need to renew the treatment every year, others every few years,
others never.

We'll see how effective it is after the fulll month, but so far, it looks very


OK, folks, this was last year. It was a bit late in spring, so the results
seemed promising, but no great shakes. Now, it's cold enough that I should
have had blue hands adn a good crop of chilblains for a month.

But no circulation problems at all!!!!!! My hands are like human's........No
circulation cutoffs, no chilblains, adn I've been much less careful about
keeping them warm too!

So it looks like last years treatment DID work.

Sun, 27 Apr 1997 18:14:51 GMT
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