ZERO/REDUCED-Gravity Chamber 
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 ZERO/REDUCED-Gravity Chamber

     The ZERO/REDUCED-Gravity Chamber described below has obvious potential
applications for Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Medical
Research, etc., allowing experiments which now can be done ONLY on the Space

                       Gravity-NEUTRALIZING Air/Spacecraft
                         or ZERO/REDUCED-Gravity Chamber

               NASA should build an experimental spacecraft based on
          U.S. Patent #3,626,605 [$3.00 per complete copy from U.S.
          Patent Office, 2021 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Arlington, VA  
          22202; correct 7-digit patent number required.  Or try
          getting it via your local public or university library's
          inter-library loan dept..], titled "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR
          Inventor Henry W. Wallace on Dec. 14, 1971.

               In the patent, Figs. 7A and 7B are basically side views
          of a gravity-NEUTRALIZING FLYING SAUCER, or, if anchored to
          the ground, a ZERO-GRAVITY CHAMBER [which could have MANY
          possible GROUND-level applications for science, medicine,
          manufacturing, etc.].  Each oval diagram shows a motor
          spinning a central disc at a very high speed, about 28,000
          RPM, and also rotating two other discs sandwiched around the
          first disc, via gears, at a much slower speed, perhaps 2,800
          RPM, in the opposite direction.  The two outer discs have
          extensions [counter-balanced via off-center axis] that, as
          they rotate, alternately make contact with two wide
          extensions from opposite walls of the spacecraft.  The
          central disc should have shallow spiral-shaped grooves on
          both sides for air-bearings, to allow the needed very close
          contact with the two outer discs.

               I should clarify that each of the two outer discs has
          ONLY ONE [counter-balanced] extension, each one pointed
          opposite (180 degrees) the extension of the other disc.

               VERY CLOSE CONTACT must be made as the disc extensions
          slide past the wall extensions in order to conduct the
          "Kinemassic" Energy (term coined by the Inventor) from the
          discs to the walls in an ALTERNATING CIRCULATION.

               The most important factor making it work is that the
          discs, extensions, and outer walls of the spacecraft MUST be
          made of any material(s) in which a very large majority of the
          atoms are of isotopes having "HALF-INTEGRAL ATOMIC SPINS",
          such as copper (3/2).  All other parts, etc., should have a
          minority of such atoms.  [See the appropriate column of the
          table of isotopes in the latest edition of "The Handbook of
          Chemistry and Physics."]

               Experimenters should use one motor to spin the center
          disc [Start small, such as only two feet in diameter.], and a
          2ND SEPARATE motor to rotate the two outer discs, so their
          relative speeds can be varied to establish the needed
          conditions for PROPULSION of the spacecraft via "NEGATIVE
          WEIGHT" (with the spacecraft's "Kinemassic" field PUSHING
          AGAINST the earth's gravitational field, etc.).

               If we have to put up a space station, establish Moon
          bases, go to Mars, rendezvous with comets, etc., WHY DO IT
          THE HARD WAY?!

               Your favorite university or research company could make
          a BIG NAME for itself by making a small model of this work.

               For more information, answers to your questions, etc.,
          please consult my CITED SOURCES (PATENT copy, reference book).

               UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this
          IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED.

                                       Robert E. McElwaine
                                       B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC

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 ZERO/REDUCED-Gravity Chamber


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