Sleep Apnea: More Questions 
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 Sleep Apnea: More Questions

The recent discussion of sleep apnea has been helpful, but I have
additional questions on diagnosis.  Specifically, if a person suspects
he might have sleep apnea, what symptoms can he or his spouse look for
in order to persuade a doctor that some sort of testing is warranted?
(The doctor is in an HMO and is reluctant to authorize tests.)

The possible patient is an overweight man in his early 40s.  He
suffers from fatigue and insomnia, and is unable to sleep at regular
times although he has tried.

He snores, often loudly, and sometimes snorts, gurgles, etc.  He often
thrashes around.  A few times his spouse has noticed that his
breathing becomes very shallow and almost inaudible; after about 20
seconds he jerks and begins breathing normally.

Occasionally he has "night terrors" -- he cries out as if afraid, and
sometimes sits up, but then goes back to sleep.  In the morning he has
no memory of the incident or of a nightmare.

So I'd appreciate advice on the following:
Is it likely that this man has sleep apnea?
What additional symptoms would help in a diagnosis?
Would anything less expensive than a sleep laboratory help diagnose?
What medications might be tried, for better diagnosis or possible

Thank you for suggestions.  Please email replies if possible.  
I'll post a summary if there is interest.  

Fri, 23 Jul 1993 07:44:06 GMT
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