Epstein-Barr (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) 
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 Epstein-Barr (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Nye) says:


>(JEANNE E. ADAMS) writes:

>>    I was hoping that someone could tell me what the treatment for E-B was.
>>        [...]              Does anyone know of alternative treatments?
>>    help.  If the E-B Titer comes back positive I don't know what I'm going
>>    do.  Thanks.

>             [...]    There is no treatment for EBV infection. [...]

I know someone who was healed from EBV, even though the doctors told the person
that this infection is incurable. See 'There is no incurable!'in this
newsgroup for information.

Carola Fortmann

Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:07:56 GMT
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