New AIDS treatment anyone heard of it. 
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 New AIDS treatment anyone heard of it.

I am reposting this message from a mailing list that I get. I would
like to know if anyone has heard of anything about this. I will
be calling the number for more info.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 10:45:09 EST

Subject: New AIDS Treatment
Status: RO

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Subject: Amazing discovery

Date: 1 Apr 92 05:27:38 GMT

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An effective treatment for the AIDS virus, in the form of two
{*filter*}--Kemron and Immunex, have been developed at the Kenyan Medical
Center, at Nairobi.  They assert that sysmptoms of the HIV infection,
the antibody associated with the AIDS virus, were alleviated in eight
        Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, the national spokesman for Minister Louis
        Farrakhan and the Minister of Health and Human Services of the
        Nation of Islam, has recently returned from Kenya on a fact finding
        mission.  He will be the guest speaker at the University of the
        Pacific, School of Pharmacy, 751 West Brookside Rd., on Thursday,
        April 9th, 1992 at 7 p.m. Dr.  Alim's exclusive reports from the
        Afrecian continent will be presented in a fortum titled, "Winning
        the War Against AIDS."  Kemron, developed by the Kenyan Medical
        Research Institute (KEMRI), under the direction of Dr. DAvy Koech,
        41, and assisted by clinical Prof. Arthur Obel, was first announced
        in grand fashion by Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi on July 25,
        1990, before a gathering of scientists and researchers, including a
        team of blacks from the United States.  Immunex, the second of the
        two treatments, both containing human alpha interferon, was launched
        by a Nairobi-based company, Mediken.  Several Kenyan doctors who
        have used one or both of the {*filter*} for treatment of patients with
        advanced symptoms of AIDS, have said that the treatments have
        yielded "miraculous" results.  Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, a member of
        the Nation of Islam's investigate team who interviewed the director
        of KEMRI's headquarters, called the reports "spectacular news."
        However, he informed Dr. Koech that "the news of this is not very
        widely know, and that it is very difficult in the United States to
        find out anything at all." New York-based doctor and activist
        BArbara Justice, who was in Nairobi with one of her patients
        receving Kemron, charged, "If these reports (of Kemron's success)
        came from anywhere else, it would have caused a stampede."  Dr.
        Justice has brought 54 patients to Nairobi for treatment.  Doctors
        Koech, Justice and Muhammad agreed that the western media has
        neglected to report on Kemron, and that the African origins of the
        treatment have deterred researchers from taking the drug seriously,
        although the World Health Organization (WHO) has sponsorship in six
        african countries.  The cost of Kemron and Immunex is also a
        mile-stone in the fight against the HIV virus.  AZT treatment for
        one year can cost a patient between $7,000 and $10,000.  Kemron and
        Immunex treatment, in contrast, would cost between $1,000 and $1,600
        for one year.  for more information call:  TEL:  (209) 547-1221
John Esraelo

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