My Baby Has a Heart Murmur?!?! 
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 My Baby Has a Heart Murmur?!?!

Babies can get heart murmurs for any mumber of reasons.  The most common and  
TOTALLY BENIGN of them is called a "flow murmur."  This murmur occurs when  
there is an abnormal amount of {*filter*} volume flowing through the heart.  This  
can occur when we are dehydrated, or anemic,
It may also occur when we exercise strenously, or even when we assume certain  
postures.  It is meaningless alone, and only assumes significance in the face  
of other symptoms.  The other type of murmur picked up at this time and a  
little later in the baby's life is that caused by a small hole in the heart  
muscle that separates the two pumping chambers.  This is called a ventricular  
septal defect, and is usually
only followed.  This is because in a significant percentage of children with a  
VSD, closure is spontaneous.  The defect can be more serious but usually this  
subtype is found earlier in life.  Some kids with VSD's will need surgery to  
close the defect, and without the defect, no more murmur.  If you want to put  
money on the cause, bet on a flow

Hope I have helped, let us know how your baby comes out.

Jim Harper
Gainesville, Fla

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 21:33:00 GMT
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