Pro-circ delusions (Was: Steven Daniel's pro-circ delusions) 
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 Pro-circ delusions (Was: Steven Daniel's pro-circ delusions)


>>>The source of the data, or the character of the person
>presenting it might be called into question, but that cannot be
>used to disprove the arguments.<<

>Nor can it always be used to prove the arguments.  In the
>instance cited, personally, I would find more credibility in the
>data if it came from an organization that did not have an agenda,
>either pro or con.  I can tell you, having worked in advertising
>and public relations, that factual, statistical data, can be
>skewed and 'presented' in ways to look favorable to a specific
>cause or case, even if the data doesn't necessarily come out
>favorably.  It's all a matter of presentation.

True. That is why, when circumcision is being discussed, that it
is important to look at least this source of data: the medical
literature published in reputable medical jouranals. If you do
so, you will find some controversy going on, but you will also
find that the most rigorously conducted scientific studies can
offer no valid reason for routine neonatal circumcision.
>You're off the hook when you're off the wall...

Mon, 14 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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