Cryonic Suspension & Timothy Leary on Cable TV 
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 Cryonic Suspension & Timothy Leary on Cable TV

In a 30-second network id for a cable channel, Tim Leary says words
to the effect of:

"Hello I'm Tim Leary and no, I'm not dead, but when I do die I'm
having my head frozen so that in the future it can be revived
and placed in a new body.  I plan to come back as a black woman.

"I can assure you that I have no intention of being thawed out during
a Republican Administration."

(How many speeding locomotives worth of mundane preconception can
YOU transcend in as few words?  And I regret the inadequacy of my
paraphrase; what the man actually said contained more information and
was even more succinct.  I hope somebody posts the full quote, and
the particular cable channel.)

There have already been several scientific conferences on nanotechnology
and a few moving mechanical parts have already been constructed.  The
ability to both manipulate and immobilize individual atoms has been
achieved.  Self-replicating molecules only 5 or so atoms big (quite
unrelated to existing biological molecules like amino acids and DNA)
have also been designed.

As for those saying that the very idea of cryonic suspension and
nanotechnological repair is utterly impossible, I say wake up and
smell the coffee!  You're as mentally strait-jacketed as those who
said that man would never fly!

I absolutely condemn those who prey on the terminally ill, but I have
no reason to include ALCOR among them.

And with a bit of advance life insurance planning, the cost of cryonic
suspension is easily within reach of at least the middle class.

Best Wishes


Nagging lowers self-esteem.

Sat, 23 Jul 1994 12:22:42 GMT
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