*New software for MD/RN/RPh students 
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 *New software for MD/RN/RPh students

 Hello fellow pharmacy/medical/ and nursing students,

> Check out this new software! It is an interactive (windows based)
> learning tool and drug reference guide. This program allows us to build upon
> the info. that we've learned and cumulate our experience throughout
> school! (instead of letting our info collect dust in 3-ring binders!)

> As healthcare students, it is what we have been waiting for!

> The Student Academic Growth Enhancer

> A Diverse and Interactive Learning Tool &
> A Comprehensive Drug Information Source

>        It Organizes, Compiles and Manages                                          
>        Case studies        
>        Clinical facts
>        Disease states                                                              
>    All your valuable data

>           You Can Create Edit and Print
>         Case studies                                                              
>        Progress notes
>        S.O.A.P. notes                                
>        Drug notecards
>        Disease profiles
>        Study notecards                                    

>         And much more!                                                            
>      A drug search engine
>             Share data with other users
>             Inexpensive quarterly updates  
>    Prescribing information on over 500 {*filter*}


> The S.A.G.E. costs $124.99*, but is only $99.99* (until 12-31-95).  

> Requirements:  An IBM compatible 486 DX computer or higher, windows 3.1 or higher,
> 8MB RAM, 10Mb hard-drive space or An Apple Macintosh computer equipped with a
> DOS compatibility card                             * applicable sales tax may apply

> I'm sure you will enjoy it!              

> John
> Pharm.D. Candidate (Doctor of Pharmacy)
> Nova Southeastern University

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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