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 Bronchial Asthma


>The treatment of bronchial asthma in clinic of Dr.A.Soukhanov

>Clinic has a great experience ( 20 years ) in working under the
>problem of treatment of bronchial asthma. It was developed an
>effective original method of tretament of bronchial asthma which
>guarantee total (100%) recovery.

>There are two methodics: out-patient and in-patient. Out-patient
>methodics developed for patients never used hormons in their life -
>the recovery is passing accurately and according the scheme during 3-4
>months. In-patient methodics developed for patients with
>hormon-dependent form of asthma. In this case vaccum-effect method
>developed by author gives the possibility to clear quickly the
>periphery of lungs from sputum.
>The recovery is take place during 6 months. It is not necessery to
>stay all the time in clinic. It is possible to come into clinic on two
>weeks per month. For increasing the efficacy of treatment, the
>training video cassete with the method of treatment was made.

>We invite doctors for training. The period of learning is 6 months.
>Next enrollment in groups will take place from 15 January 1998.

>Application forms for treatment and training send to:
>Rehabilitation Centre od Dr.A.Soukhanov, Beloostrovskaya 26,
>St.Petersburg, 197342 Russia
>Tel.:+7-812-245-6947; Fax: +7-812-245-6332

Geez, we've been having pretty good luck with asthma treatment with
medication one could learn how to use in an afternoon!  H2

Thu, 20 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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