HELP!HELP!HELP! -- Strange puffy rash 
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 HELP!HELP!HELP! -- Strange puffy rash

        What a wonderfully intimate forum in which to discuss one's
personal health. I love the internet and it's private publicity sometimes.

        In any case, for over a month now, I've had a strange rash at
spots on all regions of my body.  Generally, there is nothing visible at
all, but on occasion, scratching can cause the skin to become these strips
of puffy, raised skin/bumps.  The rash is vaguely reminiscent of a series
of big, overscratched mosquito bites.  It disappears (from sight, at
least) after less than an hour.  The rash itself has been visible twice on
my inner thigh, once on my neck, a few tims on my legs and several on the
buttocks.  What is fairly constant is the itching.

        Due to the location, I've looked on some STD web pages and the
rash is nothing like herpes, and doesn't fit any of the other common STD
symptom descriptions too well, either.

        What else?  Oh, I had some mild flu-like symptoms which my doctor
thought could be mono or strep, but went away in a matter of days, aside
from the swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck, which remains
somewhat tender even now, three weeks later.  When I was t the doctors, I
asked about the rash.  He looked at my legs and saw no sign of crabs.
However, there was no rash present, and he said he couldn't make a
diagnosis without it's presence and that short of that, he saw nothing.

        I did change my detergent, but it was midway through the presence
of the rash.  Same with shampoo, soaps, etc.  Only real difference between
this and last year is that I live in a different apartment (perhaps the
water in the shower?)  Aside from that and this rash, nothing in my life
has changed dramatically since last year.  Putting baby powder on my
thighs has made the rash a little less irritating there.

        This is starting to drive me a bit batty.  I would greatly
appreciate any and all help you could all offer me.  Many thanks in
advance, especially if you could email me rather than post here.  However,
I will await any replies.  Thanks again.


Sun, 30 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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