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 Question about Soft (TORIC) Lenses...

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 ES>Today is the second day of wear on my Soft toric lenses, and I would
 ES>like to know if there is some way to get used to being inside a dry
 ES>air conditioned building?  Yesterday I only had to use drops a few
 ES>time, but today I seems like I am using them ever 20 minutes or so.
 ES>(I was not in this bldg. yesterday.)  

This is a tough one. There are any number of tear supplements out there -
Tears Naturale II is a good one. Unfortunately, soft lenses act like sponges
in a dry environment (which is why they are not popular here in Arizona). If
the gtts don't work - you might get your ophthalmologist to put some temporary
plugs into your lower tear ducts to keep the tear on the eye longer. If that
doesn't work you'll have to switch to gas permeable lenses.

Leo Bores, M.D.

Uucp: ...{gatech,ames,rutgers}!ncar!asuvax!stjhmc!15.25!Leo.Bores

Sat, 08 Jan 1994 12:42:46 GMT
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