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There have been one or two postings titled self-mutiliation recently.  It
was with a little dismay that I find people asking for more information
(presumably) committing themselves to sharing their own experience?

Seems to me that an echo like this (which is only fetched across the
pond by one wunderful BBS in the UK...
(cries of 'shame' and 'order order' [UK joke]))
...would be a good place to pool experience....i.e. someone who finds a
treatment for self-injurious behaviour in Lesch-Nyhan or Rett syndrome
or pervasive developmental disorder or whatever might just find that it
in these 'borderline' types (whatever they may eventually end up as).  I
of course that the majority of treatments will be behavioural/physical

In Rett Syndrome- a girls only, genetic, dementia/degenerative disorder
starting at 6-18months after normal development until then, when
cases are examined splints to the hands both reduce the
amount of unsplinted time
spent chewing the hands and (may) increase purposeful use--but it's a
bu***r proving it as the disorder is progressive, and becomes a lower
neurone disorder clinically with time...ergo use of splints in a couple
of cases, it can actually look as if the splints are reducing hand

The posting that recognised the 'reading was unhelpful' with this subject
something with which I concur.  Its easy to experiment, but to get good
study data with decent numbers of subjects (and controls!) is a major
opus.  An echo like this might suggest a few directions... for future

     >Why in the world is a trained (presumably:=) ) psychologist
     >asking the net for help?
I guess some people sleep easier thinking that mankind has all the

I seem to recall the suggestion that 5HT (serotonin) brain pathways may
related to selfinjurious behaviour- but since they seem to relate to
pretty well everything else.....

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          <<not a million miles from...>>

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 04:07:00 GMT
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