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S >  > The other day I had a {*filter*} test done at the hospital and they
S >  > came back and said that I have a low B12 count and need to
S >  > undergo some more tests for the short intestine(Ba{*filter*} :-().
S >  > I was wondering what it means to have a low B12 count and do I
S >  > I really have to undergo the tests?
S >  > thanks
S >  >
S >  > Ashok

     SIMON N. MCRAE replies...
S >  
S >  Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) deficiency can lead to a megaloblastic anemia
S >  if left untreated.  Now, unless your diet is extraordinarily perverse
S >  There are quite a number of malabsorptive disorders that could lead to
S >  VitB12 deficiency.
S >  (1)  PERNICIOUS ANEMIA.  This is the most common cause in the western
S >  (2) GASTRIC DISEASE.  Vit B12 deficiency can result from infiltrative
S >  diseases of the stomach that cause loss of intrinsic factor production.
S >  (3) BLIND LOOP SYNDROME.  The small intestine becomes overgrown with
S >  bacteria that take up VitB12 and thus prevent its absorption in the
S >  distal ileum.
S >  (4) DIPHYLLOBOPTRIUM LATUM.  This parasitic tapeworm loves B12.  You
S >  get it from poorly cooked freshwater fish.
S >  (5) ILEAL DISEASE.  Since this is where the B12-IF complex is absorbed,
S >  (6) {*filter*} AND TOXINS.  I cannot remember which ones, but there are a
S >  few which can lead to a deficiency.
S >  
S >  I think these are the biggies, although I'm sure I've left something or
S >  Good luck.
S >  
S >  Simon.

To that quite thorough list above, I'd like to add a few other causes
of B-12 deficiencies that have come up on my own daily routine tests
performed on patients:

1) High levels of B-15 (calcium pangamate, or pangamic acid), found in
   several dozen patients over the last ten years or so.

2) Low levels of sodium. An increase in sodium immediately increased
   B-12 absorption in a few hundred patients within the same time

3) High potassium. B12 and potassium are antagonists and an excess of
   one will most times result in a deficiency of the other. I have
   observed that relationship in somewhere between 1-2000 patients.

4) Gastric disease - as mentioned above by SIMON MCRAE in his point #2
   I have noticed low duodenum HCl levels in B-12 deficiencies as well
   but I believe that the relationship is mostly due to the fact that
   high potassium LOWERS HCl levels, while sodium RAISES same.

5) Low hesperidin. When {*filter*}administration of B-12 was unsuccessful,
   B-12 levels increased after giving hesperidin. Observed in 1000+
   patients in the last decade or so.

6) T-4 spinal alignment. I'm not a chiropractor, but I do routinely
   test for spinal problems. While initially I thought the connection
   to be purely coincidental, I started sending patients to chiro-
   practors and monitored their B-12 as their T-4s were adjusted. The
   observation was confirmed in several dozen patients in the last
   couple of years.

7) I have used electronic acupuncture experimentally to raise B-12 by
   stimulating Bl-14, P-5, P-7, P-8, K-1, all on the right hand side.
   While the levels increased temporarily, only a few stabilized per-
   manently; some of the ones however, where it did work, would have
   needed ongoing treatments, making it a less practical modality.

   Following the above, I have not had one single patient that wasn't
   able to maintain normal B-12 levels by {*filter*}administration and had
   to continue B-12 INJECTIONS.

   ~Ron Roth~
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[Much bogus hoakum deleted]

Take all this with a grain of salt, and please, take it
to the alternative health group.  That's why we created
it to get this garbage off sci.med, which is reserved for
scientific discussions.

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