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Thus Spake HEDI BINDER.....

HB>Newsgroups: sci.med
HB>Distribution: world
HB>Date: 18 Apr 1995 20:12:38 GMT

HB>I think I am having an eye problem. Since I can think I have had the
HB>eyes of
HB>an eagle, rather a little far-sighted, for two years I had glasses
HB>with  0,5
HB>dioptry and a correction of astigmatism, but I put them away, because
HB>people laughed at me that I wanted to be interesting with just window

Welcome to the wonderful world of 40+(grin).  I've had bifocals for two
years now and am resigned to them.  I ran into the same symptoms you are
experiencing about 2-3 years ago.

It's normal.  Eventually we all need a little help in the visual area.

Have your eyes checked and get the glasses you need.


Peggy Landt- Written 04/25/95

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