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Subject: MS info

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 18:38:14 CST

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>I am hoping somebody can help me out with this.
>I apologize if this is not the appropriate group for this posting.

>I am looking for a source of information concerning Multiple Sclerosis.
>Ideally, a mailing list(or other source accessible through Internet)
>through which I can obtain the latest and greatest info, breakthroughs,
>updates etc concerning this disease, or any related information.

>Carl Gohringer, Senior CASE Support Consultant

 I have some information which I can send on to you, but you could find
 it yourself if you have gopher/www access.  It's on the OMIM database at
 Johns Hopkins, Baltimore,MD.  I believe you can get to it from gopher/

 OMIM is short for On-line Mendalian Inheritance in Man, is
 the genome data base computer.  I have 'probable MS', that's why I
 know about stuff like this.

~  John O'Brien ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sat, 23 Nov 1996 08:48:16 GMT
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