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 NATURAL ANTI-cancer Remedies !


>                           NATURAL ANTI-CANCER REMEDIES
>                                  A 3RD OPINION

>                ( Some of these Remedies also work against AIDS. )

>           DISCLAIMER: This list was compiled from unorthodox sources
>           that have shown themselves to be reliable.  The compiler of
>           this list is NOT a doctor of any kind, but is exercising his
>           First Amendment Constitutional RIGHT of FREE SPEECH on the
>           subjects of his choice.

>           ( MOST of these Remedies can be found in ANY Grocery Store.
>           MOST of the rest of them can be found in ANY Health">food
>           Store.  What is important is HOW they are used, and, for the
>           first two remedies below, what else is EXCLUDED DURING their
>           use. )

>           (1) THE 7-DAY FAST.
>                1st day: Eat as much fresh fruit as you want, one kind
>           at a time, preferably grapes.
>                2nd day: Eat all the vegetables you want, at least half
>           raw, including GARLIC; also, whole kernel corn to help scrape
>           clean the intestinal linings.
>                3rd day: Drink all the fresh fruit and vegetable juice
>           you want.  Preferably start with 16 to 32 ounces of prune
>           juice WITH PULP, followed by a gallon of pure (NOT from
>           concentrate) apple juice, then grape juice.  (Stay close to
>           your home bathroom.)
>                4th day: Eat all the UN-salted nuts (NO peanuts) and
>           dried fruit you want, preferably raisins and almonds (ALMONDS
>           CONTAIN LAETRILE.).
>                5th day: ONE GALLON OF LEMONADE.  Squeeze the juice from
>           two lemons into a gallon of water (preferably distilled), and
>           add 2 to 4 tablespoons of locally-made honey, (NO sugar).
>           Drink one glass per hour.
>           [EVERYone, including healthy people, should do this one day
>           every week, preceded by a large glass of prune juice WITH
>           PULP.]
>                6th day: Same as 5th day.
>                7th day: Same as 6th day.
>                All 7 days, eat ONLY the foods listed above for each
>           day, along with your usual vitamin and mineral supplements,
>           plus as much DISTILLED WATER as you want.

>           (2) THE GRAPE DIET.
>                Eat 2 to 3 ounces of fresh grapes every 2 hours, 8 AM to
>           8 PM, every day for six days.  Eat NOTHING else during the
>           six days, but drink as much DISTILLED WATER as you want.

>           (3) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.
>                Mix a teaspoon of pure apple cider vinegar (NOT apple
>           cider "flavored" vinegar.  Regular vinegar is HARMFUL.) in a
>           glass of water (preferably distilled) and drink all of it.
>           Do this 3 or 4 times per day, for 3 weeks; then stop for a
>           week.  Repeat if desired.  Do this along with a normal
>           healthy diet of natural foods.  This remedy is especially
>           effective against those types of cancer that resemble a
>           FUNGUS, as well as against other kinds of fungus infections.

>           (4) THE SEA-SALT & BAKING-SODA BATH.
>                [ DELETED, because the Earth's magnetic field is
>           changing! ]


>                For skin cancer, apply STABILIZED Aloe Vera Jel to the
>                affected skin twice daily, and take 2 to 4 tablespoons
>                per day of STABILIZED Aloe Vera Juice internally, for
>                about 2 months.

>                D.M.S.O. (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) causes cancer cells to
>                perform NORMAL cell functions.

>                ALMONDS (UN-blanched, UN-roasted) CONTAIN LAETRILE.
>                To help prevent cancer, eat several almonds every day.
>                To help cure cancer, eat several OUNCES of almonds per
>                day.
>                [NEVER take large concentrated doses of Laetrile orally.
>                IT WILL KILL YOU!  Take it INTRAVENOUSLY ONLY.  (Cancer
>                cells contain a certain enzyme which converts Laetrile
>                into cyanide, which then kills the cell.  This enzyme is
>                ALSO present in the digestive system.)]

>                ANTI-OXIDANTS are FREE-RADICAL SCAVENGERS, and include
>                Vitamin E, Selenium (200 mcg. per day is safe for most
>                people.), Chromium (up to 100 mcg. per day), Vitamin A
>                (25,000 IU per day is safe for most people.), Superoxide
>                Di{*filter*}ase (up to 4,000,000 Units per day), Vitamin C (up
>                to 3000 mg. per day), and BHT (Butylated Hydroxy-
>                toluene), [1 to 4 capsules of BHT every night at bedtime
>                will also MAKE ONE IMMUNE AGAINST HERPES (BOTH types),
>                suppress herpes symptoms if one already has herpes,
>                prevent spreading herpes to other people, but will not
>                cure herpes.  BHT MIGHT ALSO DO THESE THINGS AGAINST
>                "A.I.D.S.", which is really a form of cancer similar to
>                leukemia.]  (See the book "Life Extension", by Durk
>                Pearson and Sandy Shaw.)

>                ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID.  It's a versatile water- and fat-
>                soluble metabolic anti-oxidant and potent free-radical
>                scavenger.  Take 100 mg. per day at the same time with
>                500 mg. of Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E.

>                HYDROGEN-PEROXIDE.  Dilute twelve (12) drops of 3%
>                hydrogen-peroxide in a glass of pure water (preferably
>                DISTILLED) and drink it.  Do this once or twice per day,
>                hours before or after eating or drinking anything else.
>                Apply 3% hydrogen-peroxide directly to skin cancers
>                several times per day.
>                Use hydrogen-peroxide ONLY if you are taking a good
>                daily dose of some of the various anti-oxidants
>                described above.

>                VITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS are more effective, and
>                much less expensive, when COMBINED together in MEGA
>                doses into SINGLE tablets made from NATURAL sources.

>                Cancer cells can NOT live in a strong (100,000 Maxwell)
>                NORTH MAGNETIC FIELD, especially if it is pulsating on
>                and off.  [A strong south magnetic field is an
>                aphrodisiac.]  In my opinion, ALL types of ionizing-
>                radiation treatments for cancer should be REPLACED with
>                daily 30-minute doses of pulsating 100,000-Maxwell NORTH
>                magnetic fields.

>                Properly made and operated RADIONICS/PSIONICS MACHINES
>                can both diagnose and cure all forms of cancer, as well
>                as most other medical problems.  Some Radionics/Psionics
>                Machines can even take cross-sectional X-ray-like photos
>                of cancer tumors, etc., with-OUT X-rays!  [One source of
>                Radionic/Psionic Equipment is Bruce Copen Laboratories,
>                Highfield, Danehill, Sussex  RH17 7EX, England.  Write
>                to them for their latest Cataloque.]

>                INTERFERON tablets.

>                TAHEEBO TEA, (Lapacho).

>                HOMEOPATHY can cure cancer, and many other medical
>                problems (even drug {*filter*}ion!).  [Homeopathic Remedies
>                can be made ELECTRONICALLY using special Electronic
>                Vibro-Potentizing Equipment such as that available from
>                Bruce Copen Laboratories, Highfield, Danehill, Sussex
>                RH17 7EX, England.  Write to them for their latest
>                Catalogue.]

>                50 mg. per day of CHELATED ZINC can help prevent or cure
>                prostate trouble.

>                This list is NOT exhaustive.

>           The above NATURAL Remedies can CURE both diagnosed AND UN-
>           DIAGNOSED cancers, as well as PREVENT them, and also prevent
>           and cure many other medical problems including heart-
>           diseases.  They are NOT too simple and inexpensive to work
>           effectively.

>           Besides acting on a person biologically and chemically, these
>           remedies, especially The 7-Day Fast and The Grape Diet, send
>           a strong message to one's subconscious mind, PROGRAMMING it
>           to CURE the cancer.

>           In my opinion, if a person finds out that s/he has cancer,
>           then s/he should promptly try at least the first 3 remedies
>           described above, in sequence (starting with The 7-Day Fast),
>           BEFORE resorting to the UN-natural and expensive {*filter*}s
>           and agonies [POISON, BURN, and MUTILATE!] of orthodox cancer
>           treatment [organi$ed-CRIME!].

>           DISCLAIMER: This list was compiled from unorthodox sources
>           that have shown themselves to be reliable.  The compiler of
>           this list is NOT a doctor of any kind, but is exercising his
>           First Amendment Constitutional RIGHT of FREE SPEECH on the
>           subjects of his choice.

>           FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Cancer Control Society, 2043 N.
>           Berendo St., Los Angeles, CA  90027, and/or other organiza-
>           tions listed in the "Alternative Medicine" and "Holistic
>           Medicine" portions of the "Health and Medical Organizations"
>           Section (Section 8) of the latest edition of the "Encyclope-
>           dia of Associations" reference book in your local public or
>           university library.

>           P.S.: PASS IT ON !

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