Info. On Vertigo/Dizziness 
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 Info. On Vertigo/Dizziness

If you know of anyone who suffers with vestibular
disorders including dizziness, vertigo, balance problems,
etc., please direct them to the following Web page:


The site contains lots and lots of great information, and
a comprehensive set of links to vestibular information on
the Internet.

**PATIENTS:**  Be sure to add your tips in the COPING section
of the page!

**HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS:**  PLEASE add your comments, tips, and
coping suggestions for patients.  Just click on the "HEALTHCARE
PROVIDER" button and fill in the form that appears on screen.  Your
input will be MOST appreciated by the thousands of visitors to
this site.

Thank you,

Linda Engelman

Fri, 15 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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