Vertigo of unknown reason - please HELP! 
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 Vertigo of unknown reason - please HELP!


Please excuse my language but this is very difficult for me to
explain in english.

I'm suffering from vertigo of unknown reason for several months now.
It occured totaly unexpected and very strong at the beginning. I  was
unable to do anything for some weeks. Now it's some kind of shaky,
waving, swinging feeling depending on any pressure on my skin  which
obviously makes walking very disagreeable most of the time... sometimes
it's a feeling as if I would walk on cotton.

I've been to several specialists for ears, internal medcine and
neurology. Noone has found the slightest reason for my problem.

Anyone who has had similar problems or has any idea what else
I could have checked - please reply!

PLEASE REPLY BY MAIL cause I don't receive this group.

Thanks a lot.

Fri, 24 Nov 1995 19:45:21 GMT
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