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This question is for anyone who's had hernia surgery
recently or knows someone who did.

I am pretty sure I have developed an inguinal hernia; I
checked this against a lay medical reference book.  There's
a bulge in my {*filter*}, making it look like I have a third
testicle, which disappears when I lay on my back.

It doesn't hurt, except I think it "strangulated" twice and
was pretty uncomfortable for a few hours, until it distended
itself again.

I made an appointment with the doctor and will have it
looked at next week.

My guess is I'll have to have this corrected with surgery.
My questions are, if I have surgery:  how long will I be in
the hospital?  How long can I expect to be "bedridden" once
I come home?  How long until complete recovery, where I can
participate in sports, ride my bike, etc., again.  I'm in my
later 30s and otherwise in excellent health.  I'm self-
employed and hopefully this will not take me away from wage-
earning for too long.

Thanks.  Feel free to reply in this newsgroup, but please
also send private e-mail, because my BBS doesn't always pick
up this newsgroup every day.

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Mon, 13 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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