Dual Disorders Conf./Baltimore; new Dual Diagnosis website; new Dual Diagnosis mail list 
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 Dual Disorders Conf./Baltimore; new Dual Diagnosis website; new Dual Diagnosis mail list

Dual Disorder Conference; New Dual Diagnosis Website; New Dual
Diagnosis credentialed mail list.

Dates: May 1-3, 1996
1st Mid-Atlantic Dual Disorder Conference. Sponsor: Professional
Counselor, and U.S. Journal Traning, Inc., Radisson Plaza Lord
Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.  For Info. and Registration call:
800-441-5569 or 305-360-9233.
The Conference includes a broad range of presentations/workshops on
various profiles of clients with co-occuring mental illness and
substance disorders, and a special focus on children and trauma.
Presentations include:
"Dual Disorders Program Development and Integrated Treatment for Mental
Illness, Drug {*filter*}ion and {*filter*}ism,"  Thursday, May 2, 1-2:30 PM;
"Motivational Interviewing Techniques with the Dual Disorders Patient,"
Thursday, May 2, 1996, 3-4:30 PM.
Presenter: Kathleen Sciacca, M.A., Sciacca Comprehensive Service
Development for Mental Illness, Drug {*filter*}ion and {*filter*}ism, MIDAA,

New DUAL DIAGNOSIS WEBSITE: < http://www.***.com/ ;

    This new Dual Diagnosis Website is focused exclusively on the topic
of co-occuring mental illness, drug {*filter*}ion, and {*filter*}ism, MIDAA in
various combinations.  The site includes: articles/chapters to read or
download; the development of a national and international dual
diagnosis treatment program directory (you may submit your program to
the directory at the site); up-coming events; an interactive bulletin
board for resources; a live chat room; materials and services for
training and program development; a bibliography; links to other sites;
a search engine; a link to subscribe to the new dual diagnosis
credentialed listserve; and more.


New Dual Diagnosis Credentialed Listserv:

    You may subscribe to this list at the website or e-mail:

subscribe dual-diagnosis
Attach or include your resume/vitae in the message, or mail
it to Kathleen Sciacca.


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