NATURAL ANTI-cancer Remedies ! 
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 NATURAL ANTI-cancer Remedies !

                          NATURAL ANTI-CANCER REMEDIES
                                 A 3RD OPINION

               ( Some of these Remedies also work against AIDS. )

          DISCLAIMER: This list was compiled from unorthodox sources
          that have shown themselves to be reliable.  The compiler of
          this list is NOT a doctor of any kind, but is exercising his
          First Amendment Constitutional RIGHT of FREE SPEECH on the
          subjects of his choice.

          ( MOST of these Remedies can be found in ANY Grocery Store.  
          MOST of the rest of them can be found in ANY Health">food
          Store.  What is important is HOW they are used, and, for the
          first two remedies below, what else is EXCLUDED DURING their
          use. )

          (1) THE 7-DAY FAST.
               1st day: Eat as much fresh fruit as you want, one kind
          at a time, preferably grapes.
               2nd day: Eat all the vegetables you want, at least half
          raw, including GARLIC; also, whole kernel corn to help scrape
          clean the intestinal linings.
               3rd day: Drink all the fresh fruit and vegetable juice
          you want.  Preferably start with 16 to 32 ounces of prune
          juice WITH PULP, followed by a gallon of pure (NOT from
          concentrate) apple juice, then grape juice.  (Stay close to
          your home bathroom.)
               4th day: Eat all the UN-salted nuts (NO peanuts) and
          dried fruit you want, preferably raisins and almonds (ALMONDS
               5th day: ONE GALLON OF LEMONADE.  Squeeze the juice from
          two lemons into a gallon of water (preferably distilled), and
          add 2 to 4 tablespoons of locally-made honey, (NO sugar).  
          Drink one glass per hour.
          [EVERYone, including healthy people, should do this one day
          every week, preceded by a large glass of prune juice WITH
               6th day: Same as 5th day.
               7th day: Same as 6th day.
               All 7 days, eat ONLY the foods listed above for each
          day, along with your usual vitamin and mineral supplements,
          plus as much DISTILLED WATER as you want.

          (2) THE GRAPE DIET.
               Eat 2 to 3 ounces of fresh grapes every 2 hours, 8 AM to
          8 PM, every day for six days.  Eat NOTHING else during the
          six days, but drink as much DISTILLED WATER as you want.

          (3) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.
               Mix a teaspoon of pure apple cider vinegar (NOT apple
          cider "flavored" vinegar.  Regular vinegar is HARMFUL.) in a
          glass of water (preferably distilled) and drink all of it.  
          Do this 3 or 4 times per day, for 3 weeks; then stop for a
          week.  Repeat if desired.  Do this along with a normal
          healthy diet of natural foods.  This remedy is especially
          effective against those types of cancer that resemble a
          FUNGUS, as well as against other kinds of fungus infections.

               [ DELETED, because the Earth's magnetic field is
          changing! ]


               For skin cancer, apply STABILIZED Aloe Vera Jel to the
               affected skin twice daily, and take 2 to 4 tablespoons
               per day of STABILIZED Aloe Vera Juice internally, for
               about 2 months.

               D.M.S.O. (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) causes cancer cells to
               perform NORMAL cell functions.

               ALMONDS (UN-blanched, UN-roasted) CONTAIN LAETRILE.  
               To help prevent cancer, eat several almonds every day.  
               To help cure cancer, eat several OUNCES of almonds per
               [NEVER take large concentrated doses of Laetrile orally.  
               IT WILL KILL YOU!  Take it INTRAVENOUSLY ONLY.  (Cancer
               cells contain a certain enzyme which converts Laetrile
               into cyanide, which then kills the cell.  This enzyme is
               ALSO present in the digestive system.)]

               ANTI-OXIDANTS are FREE-RADICAL SCAVENGERS, and include
               Vitamin E, Selenium (200 mcg. per day is safe for most
               people.), Chromium (up to 100 mcg. per day), Vitamin A
               (25,000 IU per day is safe for most people.), Superoxide
               Di{*filter*}ase (up to 4,000,000 Units per day), Vitamin C (up
               to 3000 mg. per day), and BHT (Butylated Hydroxy-
               toluene), [1 to 4 capsules of BHT every night at bedtime
               will also MAKE ONE IMMUNE AGAINST HERPES (BOTH types),
               suppress herpes symptoms if one already has herpes,
               prevent spreading herpes to other people, but will not
               cure herpes.  BHT MIGHT ALSO DO THESE THINGS AGAINST
               "A.I.D.S.", which is really a form of cancer similar to
               leukemia.]  (See the book "Life Extension", by Durk
               Pearson and Sandy Shaw.)

               ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID.  It's a versatile water- and fat-
               soluble metabolic anti-oxidant and potent free-radical
               scavenger.  Take 100 mg. per day at the same time with
               500 mg. of Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E.

               HYDROGEN-PEROXIDE.  Dilute twelve (12) drops of 3%
               hydrogen-peroxide in a glass of pure water (preferably
               DISTILLED) and drink it.  Do this once or twice per day,
               hours before or after eating or drinking anything else.  
               Apply 3% hydrogen-peroxide directly to skin cancers
               several times per day.
               Use hydrogen-peroxide ONLY if you are taking a good
               daily dose of some of the various anti-oxidants
               described above.

               VITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS are more effective, and
               much less expensive, when COMBINED together in MEGA
               doses into SINGLE tablets made from NATURAL sources.

               Cancer cells can NOT live in a strong (100,000 Maxwell)
               NORTH MAGNETIC FIELD, especially if it is pulsating on
               and off.  [A strong south magnetic field is an
               aphrodisiac.]  In my opinion, ALL types of ionizing-
               radiation treatments for cancer should be REPLACED with
               daily 30-minute doses of pulsating 100,000-Maxwell NORTH
               magnetic fields.

               Properly made and operated RADIONICS/PSIONICS MACHINES
               can both diagnose and cure all forms of cancer, as well
               as most other medical problems.  Some Radionics/Psionics
               Machines can even take cross-sectional X-ray-like photos
               of cancer tumors, etc., with-OUT X-rays!  [One source of
               Radionic/Psionic Equipment is Bruce Copen Laboratories,
               Highfield, Danehill, Sussex  RH17 7EX, England.  Write
               to them for their latest Cataloque.]

               INTERFERON tablets.

               TAHEEBO TEA, (Lapacho).

               HOMEOPATHY can cure cancer, and many other medical
               problems (even drug {*filter*}ion!).  [Homeopathic Remedies
               can be made ELECTRONICALLY using special Electronic
               Vibro-Potentizing Equipment such as that available from
               Bruce Copen Laboratories, Highfield, Danehill, Sussex  
               RH17 7EX, England.  Write to them for their latest

               50 mg. per day of CHELATED ZINC can help prevent or cure
               prostate trouble.

               This list is NOT exhaustive.

          The above NATURAL Remedies can CURE both diagnosed AND UN-
          DIAGNOSED cancers, as well as PREVENT them, and also prevent
          and cure many other medical problems including heart-
          diseases.  They are NOT too simple and inexpensive to work

          Besides acting on a person biologically and chemically, these
          remedies, especially The 7-Day Fast and The Grape Diet, send
          a strong message to one's subconscious mind, PROGRAMMING it
          to CURE the cancer.

          In my opinion, if a person finds out that s/he has cancer,
          then s/he should promptly try at least the first 3 remedies
          described above, in sequence (starting with The 7-Day Fast),
          BEFORE resorting to the UN-natural and expensive {*filter*}s
          and agonies [POISON, BURN, and MUTILATE!] of orthodox cancer
          treatment [organi$ed-CRIME!].

          DISCLAIMER: This list was compiled from unorthodox sources
          that have shown themselves to be reliable.  The compiler of
          this list is NOT a doctor of any kind, but is exercising his
          First Amendment Constitutional RIGHT of FREE SPEECH on the
          subjects of his choice.

          FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Cancer Control Society, 2043 N.
          Berendo St., Los Angeles, CA  90027, and/or other organiza-
          tions listed in the "Alternative Medicine" and "Holistic
          Medicine" portions of the "Health and Medical Organizations"
          Section (Section 8) of the latest edition of the "Encyclope-
          dia of Associations" reference book in your local public or
          university library.

          P.S.: PASS IT ON !

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