SMITHSONIAN -- Is This the Beginning of Your End? 
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 SMITHSONIAN -- Is This the Beginning of Your End?



>> >Stew Dean

>> Stew:

>> You may be a pseudo but your head is on straight --
>> well, almost.

>> You're perfectly right! David  Sienkiewicz will never
>> in his wildest dreams sway me into even thinking
>> what I've discovered between anthracite veins
>> are ANYTHING but petrified bones, teeth and
>> even soft organs (some human).

>Just curious Ed, what would convince you that those objects you found
>are not bone?  What kind of findings would you accept?  Is there any
>way at all you could admit you might be wrong?  Do you have the
>courage to at least consider that possibility?

>Ignore for a moment all your ill feelings toward the scientific
>community.  Just for a few moments, try to put aside your bitterness
>and vitrol.  Please share exactly what evidence would convince you
>that those objects you found were not what you believe they are?

>Certianly you realize, that like any person, you could be wrong.
>Hypothetically, what findings would confirm to you, that an object you
>find is not bone, but a strangely shaped rock?



The presence of Haverian canals, cell structure of bone.
They certainly aren't found in rocks.

Various sophisticated scientific tests with positive results.
They absolutely confirm specimens tested are not rocks or concretions.

Educated opinions of two of the world's foremost experts on bone,
Wilton M. Krogman and Raymond M. Dart, M.D. And we might as well throw
in Jeremy Dahl  with them since he tested and identified one of the
specimens as bone 20 years ago. Hell, an administrator at Yerkes
Regional Primate Researh Center in Atlanta suggested HE do the testing
because he said he was one of the very best bone experts at the center
at Emory University in Atlanta.

True, Dahl  reneged recently, denying that he had  identified the
specimen he tested as B-O-N-E, claiming further that he feels he was
unqualified. Sad for him, but his letter of documentation 20 years ago
speaks a helluva lot louder than his denial of today.

You see, the psuedos *pressured* the poor soul and he, too, has vested
interests, so I guess he had no alternative.

FYI, it's absolutely useless to try and convince me that what I've
found between anthracite veins are not petrified B-O-N-E nor petrified
T-E-E-T-H nor petrified  S-O-F-T  O-R-G-A-N-S  (some human).

I've been in this too damn long and I've seen too much
(dishonesty by your so-called Scientific Establishment, including the
not-so-prestigious-anymore Smithsonian Institution)..

The unfortunate thing is that you bunch of psuedos stick
up for your despicable pseudosidekicks, dismissing my accusations
that they are absolutely, totally dishonest and have backed it up with
clear-cut evidence.

Take Andrew MacRae, for example, who actually substituted microscopic
photos of the cell structure of a rock or concretion during his
testing of one of my key specimens, claiming he was showing you
the cell structure of the specimen which Krogman had identified
as a portion of tibia and Dart identified -- in writing -- as bone..

My accusations of impropiety keep falling on deaf ears among you
psuedos -- which, I understand, is par for your disgraceful course --
but even the non-pseudos with power aren't raising their voices and
calling for a showdown.

Now, to answer your questions:

Nothing will EVER convice me that I am wrong and. furthermore, I will
never admit that I *might* be wrong.  And I will never even consider
that possibility.

As I've said before, you and your fellow pseudos are participants in a
monumental crime against mankind -- the myth of man's evolution --
and  assure you I will keep fighting you until I'm six feet under.

Ed Conrad

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