WANTED: Info on ULTRASOUND + possible interfacing info 
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 WANTED: Info on ULTRASOUND + possible interfacing info


    I'm looking for names (phone numbers would also be helpful) of
UltraSound manufacturers. I'm interested in the low-cost end (less than
$10k), and I do not need the imaging features such as the ones that are
used in the high-end medical community, but I would like leads on
manufacturers that produce any kind of ultrasound units under $10k.

    I would like to use an UltraSound unit as a measuring device and
would also like to know if anybody else out there has managed to work
up some sort of digital interface for making the task of taking several
measurements easier.

    Pointers to any easy-to-comprehend material regarding how
ultrasound units work would also be appreciated... If it's possible to
easily build one for taking simple measurements, I'd sure like to know

read any of the newsgroups this is posted to. If that doesn't work, try
the path: tektronix.TEK.COM!tessi.UUCP!escargot!marc

    Thanks in advance for any and all info!

Marc Frajola, ..!tektronix.TEK.COM!tessi.UUCP!escargot!marc

Phone: (503) 643-5203 [Beaverton, OR]

Wed, 19 May 1993 17:44:00 GMT
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