URGENT PLEA (Forwarded posting for someone NOT on USENET) 
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 URGENT PLEA (Forwarded posting for someone NOT on USENET)

This notice originally appeared on the Fidonet.

From: Fred Blauer, Net 107 Node 210, D2-FIDO, Woodbury NY
Subj: assistance for our newborn child's affliction

 * Forwarded from 167/1, PComm 1 of Canada Net Ea, Montreal PQ
   From Fidonet

I am desperately seeking information about a rare medical condition in
infants which our newborn child appears to have.

It is called, "Central Hypo-ventiliation" and is the inability to
breathe automatically due to a problem with the central nervous system
requiring the constant use of a respirator to keep her breathing.

The future is not bright for our child and I am trying to everything
possible to obtain information about this disease or to contact doctors
or parents who have direct experience with this problem.  To this end,
I have turned to FidoNet and it's SYSOP's for help.

If you know of a friend, relative or institution that has direct
exerience with this problem, PLEASE have them phone me (collect if
need be) or reply by FidoNet.  I thank you for your time.

Fred Blauer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Work-Tel: 514/761-3458       Home-Tel: 514/626-6178     Fido-Net: 167/1

I have taken this note from fidonet and have placed this urgent plea
here in net.med for Mr. Blauer.

Dennis Baer
25 Miller Road
Farmingdale,NY 11735

516 694 5872

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 20:37:00 GMT
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