********* HELP! Amyloidosis (bladder) ********** 
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 ********* HELP! Amyloidosis (bladder) **********

****************************** URGENT *************************************

My 24 years old friend has Amyloidosis of the bladder.  He as been operated
several times but he is now considering the "Ozone treatment" to cure that
rare illness!  

Do you know ANYTHING about Amyloidosis of the bladder?
Do you know SPECIALISTS who can cure Amyloidosis of the bladder?
Do you know WHERE an "Ozone treatment" is available?

PLEASE...any information regarding this illness WILL be useful so I ask
you to E-Mail me or give me the Internet sites where I can get that

Thank you in advance for such an URGENT case.  

Sat, 18 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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