Bacitracin Oinment and Zits! 
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 Bacitracin Oinment and Zits!

I have had acne for some time. In was moderate. The dermatologist
prescribed retina, cyclo-something. But neither really worked well,
and neither did your average zit cream(benzoil peroxide). I mean
I tried it all, {*filter*}, hydrogen peroxide, ect... Nothing worked
then 3 weeks ago I found some bacitracin ointment + zinc, in a
first aid kit. Acne is basically a bacterial infection where
skin oils clog pores and cause a subcutaneous infection to occur?
Well, I read the warnings on the tube which said that
use of this for more than a week was bad, as well as eye contact.
Not for application over large areas of the body,  ect...
Well, its a miracle, I have zero zits. I mean perfect skin.
I applied it after my morning shower, giving me a sweaty,
or glistining {*filter*} appearance, washing it off at night.
I did this for a week, took a week off, and then resumed.
The reason it helps could be first a result of the vasaline
in the ointment keeping my skin moist, or soft or something.
I can actually feel that it is softer, even several days after
I stopped using the ointment. Or, it could be the anti bacterial
component that kills any infection (pus,ect..) when it gets
inside the zits.

        Does anyone know of any adverse effects of doing this.
Is this crazy, will I go blind or cause some form of damage to
my skin?

Andrew Verba

Thu, 26 Oct 1995 03:46:59 GMT
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