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>>And, they of course, will be performing a totally unbiased study ...


First you ask chelation practitioners to fund studies on chelation and then you
say that woldn't be any good because it would not be an unbiased study. Just
what is it you are asking from practitioners in terms of funding? In addition,
the study that you are suggesting will not be unbiased, is actually not being
done by a chelation doctor, but an independent cardiologist. He is doing as many
patients as can be managed on the kind of funding you can expect from
practitioners, with a small grant from the NIH (you are welcome to contribute if
you don't think your participation would bias the study).

>>How about a double-blind multicenter academic study of several thousand

patients including angiography before and several years after a complete
course of chelation?<<

Would you recommend that the NIH or other public funding be used for this
purpose? Or from where do you suggest the funding for such a study could come? I
seem to get the feeling that you would not wantyour tax dollars being spent on
such a "worthless" exercise. (Let's not spend any money on studying this, but
let's criticize it because there are no studies.)

There have not been studies that refute the findings of the earlier studies in
the fifties and sixties. As such, chelation therapy is valuable in the treatment
of vascular disease until proven otherwise.

Michael Janson, M.D.

Wed, 26 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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