Looking for the magazine "Physician Assistant" 
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 Looking for the magazine "Physician Assistant"

Can you help me locate some information?  I want to obtain
a back issue of the publication "Physician Assistant".  
(The April, '93 issue has a good article on immunizations
and prophylactics for travelers.)  I have a photocopy of the
article, but I wanted to obtain an actual issue of the
magazine, so I'm hoping to write to the publisher to ask
for a backissue.  

Trouble is, I can't find anyone who carries the magazine, so
I can't secure an address.  I even called the library of the
medical school here in Portland (Oregon), and they didn't
have it.  They found a couple of other places in Oregon that
did have the magazine, but all they could do was obtain a
photocopy of the article, which is no more than what I have

So, does anyone subscribe or have access to "Physician
Assistant" who can give me the address of the publisher.  
If I could get an address, I could then obtain a phone
number, and I would probably call them before writing to
them.  Does anyone have this info?  

E-mail responses preferred.  I usually don't follow this
newsgroup, but I will watch it for a short time to catch
any follow-ups.  


  Ken Ewing
  Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
  Beaverton, Oregon


Tue, 05 Dec 1995 03:04:11 GMT
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