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FYI...I just posted this on alt.psychoactives as a response to
what the group is for......

A note to the users of alt.psychoactives....

This group was originally a takeoff from  The reason for
the formation of this group was to discuss prescription psychoactive
{*filter*}....such as antidepressents(tri-cyclics, Prozac, Lithium,etc),
antipsychotics(Melleral(sp?), etc), OCD {*filter*}(Anafranil, etc), and
so on and so forth.  It didn't take long for this group to degenerate
into a psudo alt.{*filter*} atmosphere.  That's to bad, for most of the
serious folks that wanted to start this group in the first place have
left and gone back to, where you have to cypher through
hundreds of unrelated articles to find psychoactive data.

It was also to discuss real-life experiences and side effects of
the above mentioned.

Oh well, I had unsubscribed to this group for some time, and I decided
to check it today to see if anything had changed....nope....same old
nine or ten {*filter*}articles that this group was never intended for.

I think it is very hard to have a meaningfull group without it
being moderated...too bad.

Oh well, obviously, no one really cares.

Bill Claussen

Would anyone be interested in starting a similar moderated group?

Bill Claussen

Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:48:44 GMT
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