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 RFD sci.med.otolaryngology

                        REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION  (RFD)

                  unmoderated group sci.med.otolaryngology

Summary: Newsgroup for discussing topics related to otorhinolaryngological
         medicine, head and neck surgery

At present there is no newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of otolaryngo-
logical medicine or head and neck surgery. For ENTs and others interested
in otorhinolyryngology, head, and neck surgery few resources are currently
available on the Internet. Most of the information about this area in sci.med
are lost in the majority off other news.
The group sci.med.otolyryngology will help to fill this void by providing
a forum for exchanging ideas and information pertaining to ENT medicine.

The scope of the proposed group sci.med.otolaryngology should cover
     - all pathology affecting ear, nose, throat, head, and neck
     - diagnostic and surgical techniques
     - diagnostic and therapy off dizziness, hearing loss,
       and defects of speech, language, and voice
     - patient education
     - practice management
     - ENT medical education and certification
     - instruments and equipment
     - case-discussion with related medical disciplines
       (e.g. dermatology, neurology, odontology, ophthalmology, psychiatry)
       as this is not possible in sci.med or other newsgroups

Interested parties are encouraged to discuss this proposal:
       please post your comments *ONLY* to NEWS.GROUPS

              This is *NOT* a Call For Votes (CFV)  !
The Call For Votes will be posted approximately 21 to 30 days from now.
An independent third party will run the vote.

                    Do *NOT* vote now!

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news.announce.newsgroups,  news.groups,  sci.med,  de.sci.medizin (translated)

| Jan Loehler, MD

 * Origin: ELBE Box.... aber Vorsicht, die ist COOL, man! (2:240/5033.1)

Sun, 23 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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