Cancer - Press review (January 21, 2012) – Revue de presse (21 janvier 2012) 
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 Cancer - Press review (January 21, 2012) – Revue de presse (21 janvier 2012)

Cancer Press Review   Revue de Presse

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Press review  (January 21, 2012) Revue de presse (21 janvier 2012)

Melanoma drug's link to other skin cancers identified
The recently approved drug vemurafenib (Zelboraf) has been hailed as a
breakthrough in the treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin
cancer. But roughly one-quarter of patients who take the medication
develop a troublesome side effect: secondary skin cancers called
squamous cell carcinomas.
By Madonna Behen. In USA Today

HRT link to {*filter*} cancer 'flawed'
Women who use HRT should be reassured that the treatment may not
increase the risk of {*filter*} cancer, experts said, as the original
study which raised fears was 'fundamentally flawed'.
By Rebecca Smith. In

{*filter*} Test Shows Promise in Spotting Pancreatic Cancers Early
Another study suggests a similar test for those at risk for esophageal
By Amanda Gardner. In U.S. News & World Report

Aspirin merits testing for prevention of cervical cancer in HIV-
infected women
Research conducted by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell
Medical Center global health investigators and cancer specialists in
New York, Qatar and Haiti suggests that aspirin should be evaluated
for its ability to prevent development of cervical cancer in HIV-
infected women.
In Medical Xpress

Drug Duo May Help Fight Aggressive Form of {*filter*} Cancer
Combining two {*filter*} (lapatinib and trastuzumab) that target an
aggressive type of {*filter*} cancer known as HER2-positive appears to
work better than using either drug alone, researchers report.
By Kathleen Doheny. In U.S. News & World Report

Solving the mystery of an old diabetes drug that may reduce cancer
Research opens exciting new avenues in cancer preventione.
In EurekAlert.

Scriptaid Revives {*filter*} Cancer Treatment Receptivity
A study by researchers from the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research
and Molecular Medicine, reveals that despite the effectiveness of
endocrine therapy for {*filter*} cancer, responsiveness to the treatment
depends on expression of estrogen receptors in {*filter*} cancer cells.
However, Dr. Laura Giacinti, lead investigator of the study reports on
a new molecule, Scriptaid, which revives receptivity to the treatment
in {*filter*} cancer cell lines that previously tested negative for the
expression of estrogen receptors. The study appears in the Journal of
Cellular Physiology..
By Grace Rattue. In Medical News Today

Some {*filter*} Cancer Spread May Be Triggered By Targetable Protein,
Study Shows
Discovery Points to Possible New Target for Therapy.
By Jeffrey Norris. In UCSF Today
http://www.***.com/ {*filter*}-cancer-spread-may-...

Stem CellsCancer Patient Receives a Man-Made Windpipe
Surgeons fashion stem cells from bone marrow into a functional trachea
By Alice Park. In TIME

Informed Patient: Diagnostic Errors Highlight Need for Second Opinions
For patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases, a
second opinion can make the difference between getting the right and
the wrong care, todays Informed Patient column reports..
By Laura Landro. In Wall Street Journal

Study reveals origins of esophageal cancer
New understanding of fastest-rising solid tumor in US.
In EurekAlert.

Metastasis of pancreatic cancer in action
Ben Stanger, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine in the Division
of Gastroenterology at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of
Pennsylvania, and Andrew Rhim, MD, a Gastroenterology Fellow in the
Stanger lab, discovered that pancreatic cancer cells in an animal
model begin to spread before clinically obvious tumor tissue is
detected. What's more, they showed that inflammation enhances cancer
progression in part by facilitating a cellular transformation that
leads to entry of cancer cells into the circulation. They report their
findings this week in Cell.
In EurekAlert.

Un biomarqueur dtecte prcocement des cancers pancratiques
Un nouveau biomarqueur test dans le dpistage du cancer du pancras
pourrait dtecter pratiquement les deux tiers des patients au stade 1
dans le cas de ladnocarcinome ductal. Par Batrice Vuaille. Dans Le
Quotidien du Mdecin

Cancer de la prostate: la prise en charge volue
Une tude confirme l'inutilit du dpistage systmatique voire du
traitement. Par Anne Prigent. Dans Le Figaro

Canada : Le cancer gagne du terrain
Le taux de prvalence sur cinq ans pour l'ensemble des cancers a
augment de 2,1 % par anne entre 1997 et 2008 au pays, montrent les
donnes compiles par Statistique Canada, mais qui excluent toutefois
celles provenant du Qubec.

Le c?t noir du ruban rose
La prochaine fois qu'on va me proposer d'acheter un vernis ongles
rose pour appuyer la recherche sur le cancer du sein, je vais y penser
deux fois. Ce vernis est peut-tre cancrigne.
Par Sophie Durocher. Dans Cano?
http://www.***.com/ {*filter*}t/tele-medias/chroniques/sophie-duroc...

Que faire des mdicaments efficaces mais peu rentables?
Le scandale des anticancreux prims vendus par la socit
Alkopharma, base Martigny, met au jour une question dlicate: dans
une logique de rentabilit, que faire des mdicaments chers la
production mais rares sur le march?
Par Sandrine Perroud. Dans La Tribune de Genve

Le cancer tue l'Afrique en silence
Longtemps considr comme une maladie affectant surtout les pays
occidentaux, le cancer frappe de plus en plus les pays en
dveloppement et notamment l'Afrique, o il n'est pas assez combattu.
Par Gilles Klein. Dans Atlantico

Thrapies cibles contre le cancer : de plus en plus de tests
Un traitement anticancreux ? unique ? pour chaque patient ? Les tests
molculaires prdictifs se dveloppent et permettent aujourdhui de
proposer de plus en plus de thrapies rellement cibles.
Dans Destination Sant

(Liban) Les spcialistes persistent et signent : pas de liens entre
les prothses mammaires dfectueuses et le cancer du sein
Le nombre des femmes au Liban concernes par les implants mammaires
dfectueux de la socit fran?aise Poly implant prothse (PIP) est
limit. Quelque 150 implants ont t vendus par lagent de la socit
PIP au Liban et la liste des mdecins les ayant utiliss a t
communique au ministre de la Sant, afin quil prenne les mesures
Dans LOrient-Le Jour

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