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 Discussions on alt.psychoactives


>This group was originally a takeoff from sci.med.  The reason for
>the formation of this group was to discuss prescription psychoactive
>{*filter*}....such as ...

>Oh well, obviously, no one really cares.


        Then let me ask you for a "workable" solution.  We have a name
here that implies certain things to many people.  Rather than trying
to educate each and every person that comes to the group -- is there
some "name" that would imply what this group was originally
intended for?  

        My dad was a lawyer -- as such I grew up with being a stickler
for "meaning".  In my "reality", psychoactives *technically* could
range from caffeine to datura to the {*filter*} you mention to more
standard recreational {*filter*}.  In practice I had hoped to see it
limited to those that were above some psychoactive level -- like
some of the {*filter*} you mention, but also possibly including *some*
recreational {*filter*} -- but with conversation limited to their psychoactive
effects -- the recent query about "bong water", I thought was a bit
off topic -- so I just hit "k".

        But back to the original question -- what is a workable solution --
what is a workable name that would imply the topic you with to
discuss?  It sounds like there should be a alt.smart{*filter*}, or something
similar -- I don't feel psychoactives would generally be used to
describe alot of those {*filter*}.  There is a big difference between a
drug that if taken in "certain doses, over a period of days may have
a psychoactive effect in some people", vs. many of the {*filter*} in
PIHKAH which *are* psychoactive.


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Mon, 09 Oct 1995 22:47:32 GMT
 Discussions on alt.psychoactives


>>Subject: Discussions on alt.psychoactives
>>Date: 20 Apr 1993 19:16:25 GMT

>>Could the people discussing recreational {*filter*} such as mj, lsd, mdma, etc.,
>>take their discussions to alt.{*filter*}? Their discussions will receive greatest
>>contribution and readership there. The people interested in strictly
>>"smart {*filter*}" (i.e. Nootropics) should post to this group. The two groups
>>(alt.{*filter*} & alt.psychoactives) have been used interchangably lately.
>>I do think that alt.psychoactives is a deceiving name. alt.psychoactives
>>is supposedly the "smart drug" newsgroup according to newsgroup lists on
>>the Usenet. Should we establish an alt.nootropics or alt.sdn (smart {*filter*} &
>>nutrients)? I have noticed some posts in sci.med.nutrition regarding
>>"smart nutrients." We may lower that groups burden as well.

>I beg to disagree with you on this subject.  If I recall correctly,
>alt.{*filter*} was being flodded by posts like "how do I grow MJ" "How do I
>use a bong?" "wow, man, I just had the coolest trip" etc...  There were
>quite a few people out there who were versed in pharmacology and biology
>who wanted to discuss centrally active substabces at a higher level
>without all the other {*filter*}filling the bandwidth.    I would suggest
>that you proceed to create a newsgroup dedicated to Nootropics if you
>must have one dedicated to them, and leave alt.psychoactives to the
>discussion of psychoactives (including nootropics, which are but a small
>portion of the realm of centrally active substances).

I was wondering if a group called 'sci.pharmacology' would be relevent.
This would be used for a more formal discussion about pharmacological
issues (pharmacodynamics, neuropharmacology, etc.)

Just an informal proposal (I don't know anything about the net.politics
for adding a newsgroup, etc.)

[more alt.psychoactives stuff deleted]


Sat, 14 Oct 1995 02:28:49 GMT
 Discussions on alt.psychoactives
Re: serious discussion about {*filter*} vs. "Where can I get a good bong, man?"

Why not have the group moderated?  That would eliminate some of the idiots.

Sun, 15 Oct 1995 03:26:59 GMT
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