RESULT: passes 155:14 
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 RESULT: passes 155:14

Voting for creation of the newsgroup ended at
23:59 GMT on 29 Apr 93.  At this time, the total response received
consisted of 155 votes for newsgroup creation and 14 votes against
newsgroup creation.  Under the Guidelines for Usenet Group Creation,
this response constitutes a passing vote.

There will be a delay to allow time for the net to respond to this
result, after which the newsgroup should be

Please check the vote acknowledgement list to be sure that your vote
was received and properly credited.  Any inconsistencies or errors

I want to thank everyone who participated in the discussion and vote
for this newsgroup proposal.

The following is the voting summary:

Votes received against newsgroup creation:

Votes received for newsgroup creation:

The charter for appears below.


Charter:                            unmoderated

1.   The purpose of is to provide a forum for the
discussion of issues pertaining to diabetes management, i.e.: diet,
activities, medicine schedules, {*filter*} glucose control, exercise,
medical breakthroughs, etc.  This group addresses the issues of
management of both Type I (insulin dependent) and Type II (non-insulin
dependent) diabetes.  Both technical discussions and general support
discussions relevant to diabetes are welcome.

2.   Postings to misc.heath.diabetes are intended to be for discussion
purposes only, and are in no way to be construed as medical advice.
Diabetes is a serious medical condition requiring direct supervision
by a primary health care physician.  

-----(end of charter)-----
Steve Kirchoefer                                             (202) 767-2862

Naval Research Laboratory                       Microwave Technology Branch
Washington, DC  20375-5000              Electronics Sci. and Tech. Division

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