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 homeopathic remedies

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-> >The best thing I've found for nosebleeds is an acute homeopathic for
-> >called Ferrum Phos (6x potency) available at most health cooking.net">food stores
-> >Just  4-6 tablets dissolved under the tongue does the job.  Normally
-> >will do it.  If it persists, every 15 minutes or so until person fee
-> >stabilized.  Use only as needed on an acute basis.  Lightweight tabl
-> >are ideal for medicine cabinet, purse, backpack or briefcase.
-> >
-> Hmmm...... that sounds like a bunch of Hooie stuff to me, but that is
-> my opinion.
-> In grade school in the winter I would have 2-3 nosebleeds per week.
-> school secretary/nurse and I became quite familiar :-)
-> Anyways, the best method I found is once the nose bleed starts,
-> blow your nose to remove any mucus that prevents proper clotting.  Th
-> pinch the *soft* part of the nose, and tilt your head forward.  Ice o
-> a cold washcloth used to help pinch can speed up the clotting.  I sti
-> hate the "old bag" that pinched the bony part of my nose HARD and pus
-> my head back - because she "knew" what was best.  I swallowed enough
-> {*filter*} that I became {*filter*}ly sick to my stomach.  The vomit through
-> the nose of course restarted the nosebleed...
-> In Jr. High, after one day of shopping with my mom with a on-again/of
-> nosebleed that wouldn't stop, she finially took me to the doctor's of
-> Because they couldn't get it to stop, he cauterized my nose in about
-> 4 places.  It only took a minute with this chemical stick, and hurt
-> like h*ll, but I have probably only had a dozen or two nose bleeds si
-> then.
-> If your child has a lot of nosebleeds, get a humidifier in the winter
-> (at the time I lived in Wisconsin - lots of dry heated buildings), an
-> see your doctor... Our doctor didn't bring up cauterization until
-> I was there with a bad nosebleed, but if he had done it, I could have
-> been saved several winters of nasy nosebleeds, stained pillow-cases,
-> stained shirts, etc. etc.
-> Good Luck!
-> Dan
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Hi Daniel,

I just wanted to say regarding homeopathic remedies that I have often
found them (and other holistic remedies) effective when I couldn't get
any relief from conventional means.  Certainly there are a lot of people
who automatically discount them because they are not part of modern
medical technology, but just as certainly natural remedies have been
used for thousands of years prior to our modern medicine and with at
least some degree of success.  So I say to each his own...

L. Wilson

Fri, 04 Oct 1996 09:51:28 GMT
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