Cystic fibrosis & gene therapy 
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 Cystic fibrosis & gene therapy

Title says it all - I've heard that tests are to begin in Jan 93.
Obvious questions include:  (1) is this a more or less permanent fix for
the lung problems, or is it necessary to repeat treatment as the treated
cells are sloughed off (surface vs deep cure), (2) what are some of the
anticipated risks, (3) who will be eligible (including cost data).
Thanks in advance.

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Mon, 05 Jun 1995 02:40:14 GMT
 Cystic fibrosis & gene therapy
The article I read on the AP newsfeed said the therapy would not be generally
available for six years.  It's thought likely to cure the debilitating
and life-threatening aspects of CF.  Cost was not mentioned.  

One research group will be introducing the altered cold virus to the
the lungs and nasal passages.  Another will be directing the material
to the nasal passages.  There was some concern about sending a cold
virus purposely and directly into the lungs.  However the former
research group feels there is no risk in that approach due to the
way in which the cold virus is altered.  

In the meantime..Genentech is in final phase clinical trial of a
drug DNase which is purported to greatly improve the symptoms of CF.
They are also hoping for a chronic bronchitis indication as well.  
Genentech expects approval for DNase in '93.  But with the FDA..
you never really can say for sure.  

Mon, 05 Jun 1995 03:24:49 GMT
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