question about migraine prevention drug regime 
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 question about migraine prevention drug regime

A couple of years ago, my doctor had me take two medications as a
migraine prevention trial.  The {*filter*} were a high {*filter*} pressure
medication (Corgard 40mg) and an anti-depressant (Amitriptyline
10mg-bf).  I took 1/2 of a Corgard tablet (I have fairly low bp),
and one Amitriptyline tablet each night before bed.

I can understand the use of a {*filter*} pressure medication, since
migraines can be {*filter*} pressure related, I think.  But can someone
explain the purpose of the anti-depressant?  

I don't really know if the {*filter*} helped prevent migraines, since I
only tried them for one month.  I didn't like the idea of becoming
dependant on the {*filter*} for the rest of my life.  I preferred to treat
the headaches as they occurred.  But now I seem to be getting them
more and more frequently, and am considering trying these {*filter*} again,
if the doctor thinks I should.  But I would like to know a bit more
about them.


Sat, 01 Mar 1997 08:07:23 GMT
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