For Dolphin Lovers - A True Story - The Boy and the Dolphin 
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 For Dolphin Lovers - A True Story - The Boy and the Dolphin

A true story - The Boy and the Dolphin

Amidst the mystical world of the Sinai desert, emerges a love story,
so magical, it's hard to believe that it's true.  Arie Caspi, Oscar
nominee for his critically and commercially acclaimed film, Last
Breeze of Summer, presents the heart warming tale of a stubborn
Bedouin man and a dolphin. Abidallah is deaf and mute, ostracized by
society and rejected by his peers.  Olin is a dolphin, lost at sea,
finding herself at the coast of Um Mezainna, a small village at the
south of the Sinai desert.  Somehow, these two lonely hearts found
each other. This new found friendship, not only gave birth to Olin's
baby Jimmy, but to the voice of Abidallah. This amazing love story
takes place in one of the most magical places on earth. It is truly
unforgettable and will remain in our hearts for a long time.

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Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:26:38 GMT
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