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Tina Browder replied to Gary Cassidy thusly..

 >> Mind filling me in on your experiences with acclimatization?  Tricks,
 >> hints etc would be gratefully recieved.

 > My dad just recently had surgery for his sleep apnea.  For years he
 > has just terrible experiences.  Snoring being one of them.

I know it well.  I used to tease Katie after we were first married that she
hadn't informed me that I was marrying Fred Flintstone!!  The first few months
took some serious getting used to.  She would cuddle up in her sleep and lay
her head beside mine on my pillow.  Her face was right beside my ear and when
she would gasp after a period of not breathing it was just like the snorts Fred
had in the cartoon!!  Lifted me right out of bed a couple of times and then she
gave *ME* hell for waking *HER*!  <G> Now of course we don't laugh about it
quite as much <sigh>.

 > believe he has been using the machine at night and he had some
 > problems with it.  They had been waiting for the insurance company
 > to go round and round on whether or not they would pay for surgery.

In Katie's case, the heart damage has apparently caused her metabolism to be
practically non-existant.  As a result, she has gained over 150 lbs since we
were married and is now considered to high a risk for surgerey. It would
probably not help anyway as the obstruction in her case appears to be the base
of the tongue.  No surgery is possible because she would no longer be able to
swallow or speak.

 > The surgery was to shave his palet and remove his far
 > so good.  He says he sleeps a lot better now.  As you can probably
 > guess, the insurance company decided that it was detrimental to
 > his health not to have the surgery so they paid for it.  Yeh!

Took them a while did it? <G>.......Glad to hear they finally approved it and
that it has helped.  Here in Canada, the health care system is guaranteed for
all citizens so it is not quite as difficult to get stuff done.  (OOOHH boy!! I
brought up that whole socialist medecine thing again and what with all you
Yanks up in arms over Pres Clintons plan <ROTFL>)

 > I wish your wife all the best!

Thanks Tina, all wishes, prayers and positive thoughts gratefully accepted and

Take Care


Fri, 14 Feb 1997 11:56:00 GMT
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