ADD new "In-Diagnosis"//1 Families Experience 
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 ADD new "In-Diagnosis"//1 Families Experience

ADD new "In"-Diagnosis//1 Families Experience


> >...actually, to make a long story short, Ritalin is an amphetamine-type
> >stimulant... often prescribed by shrinks for the social control of bored
> >schoolchildren under the pretext of treating so-called "Attention Deficit
> >Disorder."

>         Ah, so another moron decides that ADD doesn't exist regardless of
> the number of observed cases in children and {*filter*}s.  Wonderful.  While
> you're working on solving the world's problems through denial, start
> disbelieving clinical depression, bipolar disorder, and for that matter,
> cancer, and AIDS.

Well, I can only speak from my own (and my family's) experience.  A couple
of years ago the public school system tried to label my daughter ADD.  At
the time, I was unfamiliar with the term.  I became somewhat suspicious
when I was given a parent survey form, and noticed that a) the same
behavior that is considered healthy (non-ADD behavior) for a boy is
considered symptomatic of ADD in a girl, and b) most of the "symptoms" of
ADD could apply to any bright, bored kid.

(Now, this was the same public school system that informed my parents that
my 5-year-old little brother was retarded.  That was the "in" diagnosis at
the time; if this were happening now, they would have labeled him ADD
instead.  My little "retarded" brother graduated from a prestigious
university a few years ago, and is now gaining respect from management and
techies alike in his job with a large well-known software company.  Many
family members have commented that my daughter is much like him in
temperament and personality.)

Needless to say, I pulled my daughter out of that school, and placed her in
a small private school.  What a surprise; her ADD "symptoms" disappeared!
She's also been seeing a therapist who agrees that there's no way this kid
has ADD.

I tend to agree that the public schools are using the "ADD" label as a
convenient excuse to drug bright and creative children into complacency,
and I'd advise any parent out there who is told that their child may have
ADD to consider other possible causes and solutions.  I'm not saying that
there is no such thing as inherent ADD, but I, personally, have yet to see
any evidence of it.  I basing my opinion on actual experience; if that
makes me a "moron", then so be it.

-- Sandra

I'm sure that ADD exists, but the alarming number of new diagnosis should
be an automatic red light.  Seems to me that the symptoms of ADD are the
same as the symptoms of boredom.  I don't know if the schools are doing
this to drug kids into complacency, but it sure is the effect.  I tend to
shy away from {*filter*} theories of this large a scope.  Unless a child
is a danger to himself or others, medication for psychosis should be a
VERY distant consideration.  I can't figure why meds are even considered
before therapy is attempted.


>My son was diagnosed with ADD today by a neurologist hired by the school
>after a 20-minute physical exam and a brief history from
>me, diagnosed my son with ADD
>He then told me that my son should start Ritalin -- today.  I have heard
>horror stories about Ritalin on TV, and in newspapers--I don't think I
>could start my son on Ritalin based on a 20-minute exam.

I hope the above exchange will help you examine the m{*filter*}and ethical
implications  of being forced to "drug" your child senseless, especially after he was
given a "{*filter*}" diagnosis of ADD.  The choice, or course, is your to make,
but rushing hurly-burly into a long-term treatment of potentially dangerous
medication could be ill-advised.  This so-called solution to "ADD" could tragically
alter his personality forever, thus leaving you with a sense of guilt and horror
when you discover that you were purposely misinformed and deceived into
giving consent to a risky and unproven remedy.  Furthermore, the question of
long-term side-effects of certain medications like "Ritalin" have at best
been unresolved and at worst have been clincially proven to cause cancer
and other dreaded diseases.

Be very careful with your decision, as even on these newsgroup there
are "rogue" elements that try to discredit those that have been harmed
by "forced" medication, similar to your predicament.  If you are able to read this,
rest assured that you are not alone in your concerns.  The United States has the
dubious distinction of having the greatest number (per capita and total cases) of ADD
in the world;  moreover, Ritalin usage in America is greater  then the rest of the
world COMBINED.  So please, voice your suspicions to other parents,
concerned citizens and medical professionals before you decide on any
course of action.

This World had gotten along swimmingly before "ADD" was "discovered"
and well before "Cylert", "Ritalin" or "Dex" were used to "cure" it.
Let me conclude by saying that ADD is a real syndrome, but the
amount of cases being diagnosed is ten to twenty times higher
than it should be.  Please ask me for a reference of useful books
on this subject and do not be distracted by the Pro-Medication
Lobby.  Thank you.

Dr. R. X. Frager

Sun, 26 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
 ADD new "In-Diagnosis"//1 Families Experience

In over 30 years experience as an educational & developmental psychologist
I have found very few children whose problems are not largely within the
environment, school or home. Some of these children and {*filter*}s have
relatively minor physical defects, which can be corrected by some sort of
hearing aid or tinted glasses or, I hesitate to say, diet or diet
Many require more enlightened home or school management - perhaps not being
made to feel like failures, either as a person or academically. And some
are simply bored - the very bright child who requires appropriate extension
and / or added responsibilities or the slow child who cannot cope with the
programs offered.
{*filter*} no doubt have their place but, please, look at the other
possibilities first.
Selma Best


Tue, 28 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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