Proof for numerous Martian microbes/cells 
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 Proof for numerous Martian microbes/cells

Proof for numerous Martian microbes/cells.

Some people still harbor doubts about my earlier claim that there
numerous microbes/cells on Mars.
So, I present Fig. 1 below, showing numerous non-fluorescent Martian
microbes, six of which is marked with circles. Most of these microbes
measure 8 to 10 micrometers in diameter. They are of Mars origin
because (1) they sit on reddish Mars soil and (2) they are too
numerous to be of Earthly origin.  Cells do not have to fluoresce to
show they were cells. They were microbes/cells because the white dots
are ringed with rounded, black, oval/circular edges different from the
immediate surroundings. See
Fig. 1: http://www.***.com/

The objects circled in Fig. 1 were not voids, minerals, or
spores for the following reasons:
1.Voids: If they were voids, they would not have uniformly shown
rounded edges. None of them show un-rounded edges or
irregular shapes.
2. Minerals: If they were minerals, they could only be silts or
because geology classifies all minerals below 60 microns in length as
silt and all minerals below 2 microns as clays. However, all silts
clays are flaky and angular as shown in this photo:
None of the objects marked in Fig. 1 looks flaky or
angular, although the marked objects show the same length as clays/
silts (1 to 60 microns in length).
3.Spores: Earthly spores are at least 100 microns in diameter. None
of the marked objects is nearly that long.

4. Components of Earthly substrate: Unlikely, because most of the
circled microbes sit on reddish Mars soil sprinkled above the Earthly

5. Unknown contaminants of Earth origin: Unlikely, because there are
numerous white dots resembling the circled Martian microbes.

Source of Fig. 1: http://www.***.com/

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