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     The Cleveland Sal{*filter*}er Enthusiasts Association, under
the auspices of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North
America is pleased to host the sixth Marine Aquarium
Conference of North America.

     Past conferences have been held in Toronto, Ont.
(twice); Newark, NJ.; Miami Fl.; and Cleveland, OH.  This
year we will host it for the second time.

     MACNA VI, will be held October 15 & 16, 1994. It will be
held at the Holiday Inn in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.  The
theme of the conference is mariculture, and propagation of
all kinds of marine life to reduce our dependence on wild
populations.  There will be discussion of propagation of
corals, crustaceans, molluscs, fishes, etc.

*    A reception and early registration will be held on Friday
October 14th.  The reception is tentatively scheduled for 7-10pm.

     There will be lectures given by academics as well as
authors, retailers, photographers, professional biologists
and others with experience at raising fish or invertebrates
in captivity.

     This will be a fantastic weekend featuring an exchange
of information, ideas, facts and opinions, (and much bragging
about who has the nicest aquarium.)  There is also a banquet
dinner planned for Saturday night.  After dinner there will
be a slide presentation.  That is included in the cost.

     There will be early registration and a reception Friday
evening.  The conference will begin Saturday morning and last
until approximately 5:00 P. M.   There will be dinner
Saturday night followed by a slide presentation.  The
Conference will begin again on Sunday morning and last until
approximately 4:00 P.M.

     The cost of the two day conference is $85.00 if you
register before Sept. 1, 1994 and $95.00 after Sept. 1.
Tickets for dinner only will be $25.00 ($30.00 after Sept. 1)

     Partial packages are also available for those who can
only attend one day.

     Hotel reservations at the Holiday Inn can be made by
calling 216-243-4040.  The room rate is $62.00 per night.  
That rate is good for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons per room.  The
hotel is located at 7230 Engle road, at Bagley road one block
west of Interstate 71.

     To register for the conference send a check to MACNA VI
at 6101 Center Street #202 Mentor, Ohio, 44060-2277.  Make
the check payable to C-SEA.  Please include a mailing
address, phone number, and, if you are affiliated with a
business, zoo, university, or aquarium society, please tell
us so that your conference pass can identify you properly.

     There is a air fare discount offered by Continental
airlines.  They are offering 45% off Full First Class and
Full Coach Class. They are offering 10% off Y8/H8 fare.
There is a 5% discount off the lowest applicable fare.  To
take advantage of these discounts call the Meeting Works
department at 1-800-468-7022.   Call from 8:30 A M to 9:00
P M Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sunday hours are
9:00 A M and 7:00 P M.  Give them the Reference # J4638T.
The Z code is ZATS.  This offer is only good in the
continental United States and only for this meeting.  There
is free transportation from the airport.

     There is one change to the original list of speakers.
Norway's Alf Jacob Nilsen has cancelled due to a schedule
conflict.  We have replaced him with Svain Fossa, also from
Norway.  Mr.  Fossa is Mr. Nilsen's co author on several

     If, in the course of your work, you deal with marine
aquaria, we highly recommend that you consider attending this
conference.  Some of the brightest and most innovative marine
aquarists will be here.

     Even if your interests do not include the saltier side
of fishkeeping, you may have colleagues who do and may not
know of MACNA.  Would you be so kind as to forward this
information to anyone you think might be interested?

     If you need more information about the conference call
216-333-5347 and leave your name, address, phone number, and
affiliation.   If you are interested in purchasing booth
space or sponsoring MACNA VI by buying ad space in our
program, please contact MACNA VI Chairman Kurt Loos at 216-

    If you would like your questions answered by email reply to
this posting and I (Greg Smith) will respond ASAP.  The bottom
of this announcement contains responses to all inquiries and a
registration form.

                          Thank you

                           MACNA VI

                        Speakers list

1. Svain Fossa
          One of Norway's leading reef aquarists will speak
     for the first time in North America.  He will speak on
     the subject of stoney corals in a closed reef aquarium.
     He will discuss the biology and growth rates of various
     stoney corals.  Mr. Fossa, along with Alf Jacob Nilsen
     has authored several books and numerous articles in the
     popular literature.  The books were originally printed
     in German, but English translations are being prepared
     for publication in the near future.

2. Richard Pyle
          Mr. Pyle is an aquarist at the Bernice P. Bishop
     Museum in Hawaii.  He is a scuba diver and underwater
     photographer.  He is the author of the monthly column
     "Rare and Unusual Marines" in Freshwater and Marine
     Aquarium magazine.  He will discuss the idea of captive
     rearing of rare marine species.

3. Frank Greco
          Mr. Greco is an aquarist at the Aquarium for
     Wildlife Conservation (formerly the New York Aquarium.)
     He will lecture on the CITES treaty.  CITES is the
     Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.
     He will discuss restrictions governing the importation
     of listed species and other legislation affecting the

4. Joe Yaiullo
          Mr. Yaiullo is also an aquarist at the Aquarium for
     Wildlife Conservation.  He has worked with many species
     of soft c{*filter*}and several species of hard coral.  Many
     of them have been propagated by fragmentation, while
     several hundred colonies of Tubastrea have been reared
     from planula larva.  He will describe his techniques for
     spawning the Tubastrea and describe other projects
     underway at the Aquarium.

5. Dr. John Lauth
          Dr. Lauth is a biology professor at {*filter*}ia Tech
     in Blacksburg, {*filter*}ia.  His work involves aquatic
     mesocosms including estuarine areas, mangrove swamps,
     and c{*filter*}reefs.  He will discuss damage to individual
     corals and whole reefs and factors affecting their

6.{*filter*} Perrin
          Mr. Perrin is the owner of Tropicorium, a retail
     store in Romulus, Michigan.  The store is unique in that
     it is housed in a green house attached to his home.  It
     is comprised chiefly of large shallow tanks illuminated
     only by natural sun light.  [He now has MH lights above
     his prize areas (hard c{*filter*}and clams).]  He has successfully
     propagated numerous soft and stoney corals.  Many are
     for sale.  He is experimenting with new techniques for
     the propagation of many invertebrate species.

7. Martin Moe
          Mr. Moe is the first person to successfully raise
     marine clownfish on a large scale.  He founded Aqualife
     Research, a commercial hatchery now located on
     Walker's Cay, in the Bahamas.  He is the author of
     several books that are considered to be must reading for
     marine aquarists and anyone considering captive rearing
     of marine fish.

8. Gerald Heslinga
          Mr. Heslinga operates the Micronesia Mariculture
     Demonstration Center in Palau, in the Western Pacific.
     The Center is the source of most of the giant clams that
     we see in the aquarium trade and also for the seafood
     market in Asia and the Pacific Islands.  But, clams are
     just one of the areas the Center is working on.  They
     are actively pursuing the mariculture of soft corals for
     export and will begin hard c{*filter*}culture next year.
     They are also interested in other marine creatures such
     as Sea Turtles.   Mr.  Heslinga will discuss his work as
     it pertains to the aquarium hobby.

9. Cecilia Riley
          Ms. Riley is a Phd. candidate from the University
     of Texas at Austin's Marine Science Institute at Port
     Aransas, Texas.  She has been working with various
     species of ornamental fish and invertebrates such as
     Lysmata shrimps, Atlantic pygmy angels, Cuban hogfish,
     bluehead wrasses and highhats.  She will discuss the
     work being done at this facility and exciting
     possibilities for the future of mariculture.

10. Julian Sprung
          Mr. Sprung is an author and marine reef aquarist
     He has traveled to Europe, Australia and all over the
     U. S. and Canada lecturing and studying the so called
     Berlin Method of reef keeping.  He will share with us
     some of the latest ideas and techniques and be available
     to answer specific questions.

11. Dr. Robert Buddemeier
          Dr. Buddemeier combines a background of research on
     the growth of corals and c{*filter*}reefs with a long
     standing interest in the nature of climate change and
     it's effect on natural ecosystems.  Some of his recent
     work addresses a variety of questions about how corals
     may respond to human modification of their environment.

Q.    The brochure says the conference is Oct 14-16.  The recorded
      announcement says it is on Oct 15-16.  When is it?

A.    The conference will be on the 15th and 16th.  Early registration and
      a reception will be held Friday October 14th tentatively at 7-10pm.

Q.    I need to make plane reservations.  When will the conference be over
      on Sunday?

A.    The conference should be over around 4pm.  (Based on the previous

Q.    Is Sea World open?

A.    No, it closes in September.

Q.    Are any discounts being offered to students?

A.    No.  We have made a concerted effort to keep cost to all the participants
      at a minimum.  To give discounts to one group we would have to charge
      the others more.

Q.    Would it be possible for you to post the schedule of speakers?  Or, at
      least post what speakers will present on Sat. and which on Sunday.

A.   The schedule is not finilized yet.  Frank Greco will be speaking sometime
     on Saturday.  Dr. Richard Pyle will be the dinner speaker Saturday night.
     As/when more info is available I will post it here.

Q.   Are you going to be sending anything on confirmation.

A.   The confirmations will be in the mail shortly (8/22/94)

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Affiliation:(Society, Vendor, Store, Etc.)


City / State:

Phone:(   )

( ) I would like to attend the full weekend
including the banquet.  Enclosed is a check for
$85.00 per person ($95.00 after Sept. 1).

( ) I will not be attending the banquet but
would like to attend the full weekend confer-
ence.  Enclosed is a check for $70.00 per person
($75.00 after Sept. 1).

( ) I will only be attending the banquet and
program on Saturday night.  Enclosed is my
check for $25.00 per person ($30.00 after Sept. 1).

Make your check payable to CSEA (The
Cleveland Sal{*filter*}er Enthusiasts Association)
in US dollars and sent to:

              6101 Center St. #202
              Mentor, Oh 44060-2277

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