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> >> On Wed, 21 Dec 2011 05:42:24 -0800 (PST), Waldo Tunnel

> >>>>>>?What
> >>>>>> beter fits the notion of "driving": an ultrafast getaway from the
> >>>>>> traffic lights, or escaping the police after a bank robbery?

> >>>>> Yes, it might seem so when your countries racing iron has always been
> >>>>> deficient in the acceleration necessary to compete in the (driving)
> >>>>> skill set known as "Drag Racing." But don't take that out on America!

> >>>>> You probably never heard of the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean either.

> >>>> My good man, I consider "Pet Sounds" to be one of the ten
> >>>> greatest albums ever made.

> >>> No shit. I can't see it myself, although I know a lot of musically hip
> >>> (hep?) people concur with you. I mean, I have the BB collected works.
> >>> But, for some reason, pet Sounds (as an album) never did it for me.
> >>> Have you ever read Brian Wilson's auto bio?

> >> Haven't, I'm afraid. ?To my mind, there's a whiff of incense
> >> about the way he's being turned into a musical saint.

> > It's an auto bio fer chrissakes! It is just one hell of a story.

> >> Hip or hep -- either is fine as long as it is not followed
> >> by a hop....

> > I *can* understand how someone musically innocent can write off entire
> > genres of music ?(yes I know: you're going to question my use of the
> > term "music" regards HH).

> Not as such; as a lifelong lover of words, I am fully
> cognizant of the deep roots that such music has -- far older
> than most other forms of music, in fact.

Or even just to the 20's and 30's.

>There is nothing
> wrong with intelligently crafted rap that demands and
> rewards attention to the lyrics, poetry or social commentary
> set to a good beat. ?I appreciate and admire punstry, clever
> wordplay and the effective, imaginative and inspiring use of
> the language, particularly when it is extemporised.

At this point I ask, "Is that a real word"?

And you say "I couldn't tell you off the top of my head."


> such, it distresses and annoys in equal measure when a genre
> that is the spiritual child of Homer, Virgil and every edda
> and saga in the Western canon
> is being used to produce
> nothing more than self-adulatory hymns to consumerism

T'was ever thus, I'm afraid.

> leavened with generous dollops of misogyny and homophobia
> and for good measure declaimed in English so broken it would
> embarrass your illegal Mexican gardener.

Well clearly, on some level you aren't getting it. Consider that
you're not supposed to. Consider, too, that as a rule of thumb, 80% of
_everything_ is crap. That is especially true in popular music. What's
more, what _is_ critically acclaimed frequently isn't popular.

>It is frankly
> disappointing when someone who clearly has a generous supply
> of the gift of the gab decides to do no more with it than to
> tell me that he is a bad boy with a big gun, big gold chains
> and a big{*filter*} he stuffs up every big-bottomed woman in
> sight (insert "mother{*filter*}ing" where inappropriate).

You're sounding more and more like your parents. You know that,

> like Updike or Eugenides writing advertising slogans for pop
> tarts -- a shame, a damn waste.

Ummm, I wouldn't make that comparison myself.

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> >> Other than pet Sounds, I'm not that deeply into the Beach
> >> Boys. ?Too happy, too innocent fun-loving sun-and-beach for
> >> me.

> > I guess you had to be there.

> Can't help it, I'm afraid.
> One should live one's life without regrets, but sometimes I
> do wish I was born ten years earlier....

> >>I want a bit of an edge -- give me the Yardbirds

> > They were ok (and yes, I know something about them).

> Good chap!

Thanks! You too. I know you were a bit too young to have caught them
the first (or second) time around.


> >> ?or the Bluesbreakers

> > Come on. Do you really have any BluesBreakers albums?

> Eeyup -- John Payall Plays John Mayall, A Hard Road, and the
> one with Eric Clapton. ?Had vinyl copies back in the day
> when I still had my turntable, then on CD, and always on the
> iPod.

> For anyone interested in the origins of British blues, hard
> rock and heavy metal -- or simply the youth of our finest
> guitarists -- these two bands are unavoidable, IMHO.

The prototype heavy metal song was "All Day and All of the Night" by
the Kinks, IMO. Other than that, face it. The origins of hard rock,
blues, etc was the U.S.  Personally I thought some Brits did a good
job of reading the blues back to us, better than some US bands did.
Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll were/are great, for example.  The Stones,
not so much.


> >>or the Beatles any day: they're just that bit
> >> edgier,

> > Yeah. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is pretty edgy.

> pet Sounds was released in 1966 (as was I, incidentally).

You said "Other than pet Sounds, I'm not that deeply into the
BeachBoys. ?Too happy, too innocent fun-loving sun-and-beach for me."
You specifically excluded pet Sounds. So the *joke* was apt.

> Now compare and contrast this with the Beatles' {*filter*} SOul
> (1965),

Or "Good Vibrations..."

> "I want to hold your hand", by contrast, was released in
> 1963,

Exactly when the BB's  "fun-loving sun-and-beach" songs were released.
By early 66 there was "Caroline, No."


> > The question is what do you listen to after you've reviewed all 368
> > Beatle records?

> The whine of my tinnitus...
> ;-)

> Seriously, though: I listen to just about anything, before
> or after the Beatles.

That explains your tinnitus.

> As a sample, in the past 24 hours,
> amongst other things and not necessarily in that order, I
> listened to Tom Waits,


> the Prodigy, V?rttina (Finnish folk),
> Vaughan Williams (Fantasia on Christmas Carols), Kate Bush.

No Nine Inch Nails,  Flecktones, or{*filter*} Dale?

> The Beatles may be part of the bedrock of my musical
> universe,

Wow. How come? They aren't exactly contemporaneous.   Do you know what
McCartney wrote "Got to get You Into My Life" about?

> but there is oh so much more out there....

I ran across an old song (97?) I kinda like by Harvey Danger: Carlotta



> >>> That's supposed to be a reference to J & D? You probably never heard
> >>> "Drag City" which was perhaps their best tune.

> >>> http://www.***.com/

> >>> Sounds hokie now, I guess, but listen closely to the production and it
> >>> sounds awesome.

> >> "Hokey" is the right word.

> > Yeah, ok. You're in no mood to be objective, are you?

> Wasn't meant as some sort of putdown;

You missed the point. I was talking about "production" and you zeroed
in on "hokey."

>some things age better
> than others, and IMHO this song is too obviously of its time
> to be a timeless classic that speaks across the ages without
> sounding dated.

You got the wrong ears on. I never said anything about "timeless
classic." I was just seeing if you could appreciate the production:
listen to what the vocals are doing, where and why. Ditto the drums.
Notice where the song modulates, and why. That kind of stuff.  It was
a piece of work.



> > Oh, Ok. ?Once again you're singing the praises of America while
> > putting down her down, i.e.: this time bad mouthing the salt flats.
> > What have you got against salt?

> Then I did not express myself clearly: the salt flats are
> the best natural surface on the face of the planet. ?Had god
> created this world, then this would have been the place he'd
> create specifically to make his speed-freak children happy.

The question "What have you got against salt?" didn't make it clear I
was kidding? Sheesh.

Two nations divided by a common language.


> >>>> As a previous owner of some big-voiced Yank engines,

> >>> Like what? Don't be coy.

> >> The Chrysler 300C,

> > What engine? This wasn't the one with ram induction & twin 4 barrel
> > carbs was it?

> Not sure now, would have to look it up.

 If you had it you would know.


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> >>> Do you know what "ported and relieved" and "stroked and bored" refers
> >>> to (From Little Duce Coupe)?

> >> Measures that will invalidate your warranty and are likely
> >> to result in engines blowing up....

> > Perhaps.

> > "Porting" was enlarging your intake valve holes in order to use larger
> > intake valves. ?"relieving" was the same thing regards the exhaust
> > valves.

> > That's the kind of thing you need to know as a little kid.

> Amazing what kids will enthuse about....

I imagine it would be hard to enthuse about engines which are better
suited to powering sewing machines.


> > I can tell you what "stroked and bored" means too.

> Ooooh, dirty talk!

That's how they get you hooked.

"Stroked and bored"  are the two ways of increasing engine
displacement: lengthening the downward stroke of the piston, and
increasing the diameter of the cylinder (replacing the old pistons/
connecting rods, etc)

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> >>>> I assure you I know what you are on about.

> >>> Maybe.

> >> You doubt me?

> > I'm a skeptic.

> I did have my suspicions...

> >> Good.

> > Ah. You're a skeptic too.

> It prevents unpleasant surprises, I have found.

Well, maybe reduces them.

"Put your hours in and take your pay
like there wasn't any other way
Then I heard a voice inside me say
"It was twenty years ago today.."
--Tod Rundgren

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