That Lee/etc mental case and the Topper site 
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 That Lee/etc mental case and the Topper site

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 That Lee/etc mental case and the Topper site


> : Even Goodyear backed off on his hearth, now all
> : he has left is broken rock.

Yep, true as "around 10,000" for Marmes oldest skeletons (Hicks


> Of course, he's talking about this:

Of course Lee wasn't talking about that out-of-date claim.
The delusional JTEM  misquotes and lies again.

Of course Lee was talking about this newer factual evidence,
not the opinion of Goodyear:
Michael R. Waters, Steven L. Formanc, Thomas W. Stafford Jr. and John
Geoarchaeological investigations at the Topper and Big Pine
Tree sites, Allendale County, South Carolina
Journal of Archaeological Science
Volume 36, Issue 7, July 2009, Pages 1300-1311


> } The most ancient discovery at the Topper site so far has
> } been found 4 m from the surface: a deposit of charcoal
> } named "Hearth", dating to perhaps as much as 50,000
> } years ago.


Hand- excavation reaches 4 m below ground surface. Tools similar to
pre-Clovis tools found in the higher levels keep being found. A black
in the soil (called the "Hearth") provdes sufficient charcoal for C14
which results in a date of 50,000 at the outermost level of the C14

2004 isn't 2009, once again, the loon JTEM can't distinguish between
2004 and 2009, just as he has mental a problem with the difference
"about 10,000" and 6,700.

 > } 1 - Clovis levels

> } 2 - late (upper) pre-Clovis levels
> } 3 - Dr. Goodyear
> } 4 - Location of the "Hearth"


Need some more opinions on the trashing of Topper's fantasy evidence?

Not to mention the fact other experts disagree that the allegeged
pseudo-tools are even tools at all, even at the first pre-Clovis
let alone fantasy hearth at 50K.
"He has a very old geologic formation, but I can't agree with his
interpretation of those
stones being man-made," said Michael Collins of the Texas
Archeological Research
Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Collins disputes that the
stone shards at the
site show signs of human manipulation."

Again, 2004 isn't 2009 and proves once again the loon JTEM can't read.

"Here's a nature article that's 15 years newer,..."

JTEM: "Yup, I was taking the 2008 date from the page and
not the paper."

Now try taking 2004 and throwing it in the garbage can and
reading a real science paper by Waters et al. (2009).

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