united governments of planet earth 
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 united governments of planet earth
                   United Governments of Planet Earth

All human beings are equal creatures regardless of their color, race,
religion, or nationality.

No majority ethnic group have the right to persecute, overpower, or
rule other minority ethnic groups on the basis of religion, dogma, or
creed, and deprive them of their independence, sovereignty, and the
right of free opinion, speech, and worship.

National Borders and parliaments should get abolished and federal
global governments be installed; national armies and weapons
dismantled and global police force formed; national currencies and
central banks abandoned and global currency and global central bank
comes forth; flags and anthems must go to history while nationalism
and patriotism should change to global citizenships.

All resources of our Mother Earth must be shared justly among each and
every global citizen according to his or her need, but considering
everyones level of competence, proficiency, ingenuity, and their
share of participation in enhancing the environment and the welfare of
the whole.

All global citizens have equal rights to get access to food, drink,
clothing, housing, employment, schooling, healthcare, and decent

All deserts, oceans, rivers, windy regions on the surface of earth and
in the atmosphere, and highly advanced scientific free clean energy
producing instruments should become global power stations generating
common solar, wind, and free clean energy then distributed and sold
through interregional and intercontinental lines under proper global
cost so that each and every home, building, factory, machine, and
vehicle in the whole world gets its need of clean and eco-friendly
electricity and power regardless of all conditions.

Global fresh water should be distributed and sold through common
intercontinental and interregional pipes and canals under proper
global cost so that each and every region, city, town, and village in
the whole world whether it is in a desert or a remote arid place gets
its need of clean tap water regardless of all conditions.

Global crops must be planted and grown in fertile global plains and
lands according to global plans then distributed and sold under proper
global cost so that each and every global citizen gets access to clean
and healthy cooking.net">food according to his or her need regardless of all

Global hospitals, clinics, pension institutions, decent retirement
homes, schools, and universities should be all built and run
proficiently in rural and urban regions all over the world so that
each and every global citizen gets access to free education,
healthcare, and decent retirement.

Global housing projects distributed and sold under facilitated long
term global loans must get started along with industrial and
agricultural projects in rural and urban regions all over the world
and funded by the global bank so that each and every global citizen
gets access to live and work any where he wishes on our beloved planet
without any restrictions.

                           Realization of Global Peace

The sought dream of the United Governments of Planet Earth will not
come true unless the United States of America raises high the torch of
freedom and leads the way before the  disseminated peoples of our
beloved Planet Earth and unite them under the banner of one universal
country of love, justice, and wisdom. Peace will then prevail amongst
all ethnic and religious groups of the human kind and becomes one
Cosmic Human Race.

The first step towards spreading Cosmic Justice in the world is by
electing a Just and Humane President of the Future United States of
America who has a cosmic view of the future world. Those attributes
are found in Foster Gamble, the Chosen Cosmic man to run for
presidency in the Future Cosmic United States of America that will
become the future heart and centre of the United Governments of Planet
Earth of Cosmic Justice.

Planet Earth is doomed if we all together dont take the initiative of
putting an end to the destructive acts that humanity brings upon
itself and all other creatures of our Beloved Mother.

It is time for all members of the human race to act without further
hesitation because we dont have much time before we destroy life on
our planet.

If you, members of the human race from all countries and religions,
are willing to consider even the thought of ever realizing the dream
of uniting the disseminated peoples of our beloved Mother Earth,
please join your efforts in a yahoo group under the name of United
Governments of Planet Earth.

If you agree to join get a yahoo ID and press:

You will get the site of the group. Press on the (join the group)
button and fill the form which is very simple where all you have to do
is choose the kind of messages you want to receive on the web and
print the code of letters and then press again the (join) button in
the bottom of the page and you will be finished. You can from then on
post and see messages. Every time you want to get to the group put
www.yahoogroups.com on the search of any site and sign in and you will
get to your group.

                            The Humble Universal Being

Sun, 08 Jun 2014 21:55:02 GMT
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