Language vs Speaking (was Language in Chimps) 
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 Language vs Speaking (was Language in Chimps)
I was just trying to get the original question back on track, and to make
the distinction between {*filter*}sounds comprising language and other forms of
communication.  Because chimps don't orate, it doesn't neccesarily mean
that they do not have a language or are not capable of complex
communications.  The whole subject is very interesting.

Here is the original question copied from Paul Bennet's original post of

"All the studies I am aware of which have been carried out into
chimpanzee linguistic skills have been based on a single subject being
taught sign language in a purely human environment.  Is there any
research available showing the degree of success with a group of
subjects, particularly that which indicates well-formed conversation
between members of that group without human initiation?"

Thanks --
B Briggs

Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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