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 graphics considered harmful (was Re: NYT on Ri

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o IH>Who has ever heard a dinosaur roar? In other words, in an     o
o encyclodedia   >for young children, they are peddling outright   o
o fabrications.                                                    o
o                                                                  o
o IH>Use these tools _when appropriate_, and when not, stick to    o
o text.                                                            o
o IH>--                                                            o
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I can't disagree with you, but: illustrations of dinosaurs in
encyclopedias aren't a very good idea either, because we have no idea
what they "really" looked like.  And as much as skeletal remains can
tell us about appearance, they can also tell us about potential sounds.
You aren't going to pique the interest of young minds by just showing
bones-a little flight of fancy about possible appearance and sounds
isn't going to hurt a budding 5 year old paleontologist.

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