Weekly Tropical Cyclone Summary #3 (August 18 - 25, 1991) 
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 Weekly Tropical Cyclone Summary #3 (August 18 - 25, 1991)

   This report is compiled from warnings issued by:
      National Hurricane Center
      Central Pacific Hurricane Center
      Joint Typhoon Warning Center
      Japanese Meteorological Agency
      Indian Meteorological Service
      Reunion Meteorological Service
      (others may be added as they become available)


North Atlantic Basin:

   Hurricane Bob: Hurricane Bob approached the North Carolina coast late on
18 August with the center passing just east of Cape Hatteras just after 00
UTC 19 August. The storm reached a peak intensity of 100 kt and a central
pressure measured by aircraft of 950 mb. Bob accelerated north-northeast
and passed over the eastern part of New England on 19 August. The center
briefly came back out over the Gulf of Maine before making landfall on the
Maine coast. Bob became extratropical over New Brunswick, Canada on 20
August. Bob brought hurricane force wind gusts to southern and eastern
Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts including the offshore islands
of Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. Damage and casualty
statistics are still incomplete. However, at least 12 people are known dead
so far.

   Tropical Depression Four: Tropical Depression Four formed near 15N 24W
on 24 August. Moving west-northwest, the depression crossed the southern
Cape Verde Islands the same day. As of this writing, intensity appears to
have peaked at 30 kt.

Eastern North Pacific Basin (E of 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Central North Pacific Basin (180 Deg. W to 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Western North Pacific Basin (W of 180 Deg. W):

   Typhoon Ellie: Typhoon Ellie continued as a weak tropical storm over
the Formosa Straits on 18 August. It weakened to a depression and then
dissipated on 19 August.

   Typhoon Gladys: Tropical Storm Gladys continued moving west to west-
northwest at the beginning of the summary period maintaining 60 kt winds.
Gladys finally reached typhoon intensity on 21 August as it approached the
southern Japanese islands. Gladys maintained its peak intensity of 65 kt
for a short time, then it weakened to a tropical storm as it turned north
to the west of the Japanese island of Kyushu. Gladys hit Korea on 23
August and weakened to a depression as it crossed into the Yellow Sea.
The remains of Gladys dissipated over China on 25 August. While strong
winds and low pressures covered a large area, no damage or casualty reports
have been recieved at this time.

   Tropical Depression: A tropical depression formed near 22N 148E on 20
August. The system moved in a basically northwest direction until it
dissipated near 27N 144E on 25 August. Maximum winds in this apparently
poorly-organized system were 30 kt.

North Indian Ocean Basin: No tropical cyclones.

South Indian Ocean Basin (W of 135 Deg. E): No tropical cyclones.

South Pacific Ocean Basin (E of 135 Deg. E): No tropical cyclones.

Disclaimer: While an effort has been made to make sure this information is
accurate as possible, it was drawn from operational warnings that may not
always agree with the best track information published after the storm is
over. Please address any questions or comments by e-mail to:

Fri, 11 Feb 1994 03:51:28 GMT
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